Customers asked to reset AT HOP auto top-ups Customers asked to reset AT HOP auto top-ups

Date: 26 September 2023

AT HOP customers who use auto top-ups are asked to reset their auto-top ups if they are receiving an ‘insufficient funds’ notification when they tag-on.

As we rebuilt the AT HOP system last week, customers whose auto-top ups triggered between 13 September and 21 September have been disabled as we were unable to charge customers’ credit cards during this time.

No money has been deducted from customers’ credit or debit cards.

“We thank everyone for their patience as we work through the final parts of our AT HOP system restoration,” says Stacey van der Putten, AT Executive General Manager Public Transport Services.

“We’ve worked really hard to bring all of the systems back online, but there have been a few residual issues which we are still resolving.

“This has been an unforeseen issue as part of the restoration. Essentially, because the system was unable to charge customers for their auto top-up within seven days, the system has reversed the attempted transaction and disabled their auto top up. Customers should pay any outstanding balance on their card and reset their auto top-up,” she says.

“We haven’t charged customers for trips they have not taken, but customers may find they have a negative balance for trips they have taken in the past week that have not been covered by an auto top-up. We apologise to customers for this inconvenience and thank them for their patience as we work through fully restoring our system.”

Customers will need to update their auto top-up and then tag-on to one of our services for the update to take effect.

If a customer does not use an auto top-up, their cards should be working.

If you are affected by the auto top-up issue, we have let our drivers and staff know that you can continue to travel until the end of the day Wednesday on buses, trains and ferries. 

What customers need to do:

1. Top up their AT HOP card to cover any negative balance either:

    • In person at a CSC, ticket and top-up machine or AT HOP retailer.
    • Customers can also top-up online but this will take longer to process.

2. Re-enable their AT HOP auto top-up online.