Auckland Rapid Transit Station Study Auckland Rapid Transit Station Study

The Auckland Rapid Transit Study sets out a framework of best practice to better understand and improve the performance of rapid transit stations. The study covers a variety of the aspects of what makes great transit stations – transport access, land use, and customer experience.

About the Rapid Transit Study

Auckland's Rapid Transit Network (RTN) generates a disproportionately high amount of patronage and the network is set to grow hugely over the next decade, with investment in the Eastern Busway, CRL and southern rail stations, to name just three, adding more than 20 new RTN stations to the network. Auckland transport have investigated station access and experience across the RTN network – including an analysis of existing facilities, customer experience and the ease of transport access and the land use around each station. The goal of this work has been to provide guidance for improving station experience and access, with the long-term aim of improving station access across the network, growing patronage, providing better end-to-end customer journeys and to create thriving communities around rapid transit stations.

This work has aimed to identify:

  • Deficiencies across the network for access by mode, station experience and land use integration, and priority locations for investment.
  • The key function for each station – and the ‘ideal’ vision for customer experience, access and integration.
  • How access to transit can be improved for all users, and the high-level steps we need to take to enable well-functioning urban environments around rapid transit stations.
  • The planning and infrastructure needed to support our growth, climate, transport and urban development aspirations.
  • A tool for various public and private stakeholders that can break down the silos required for achieving common goals and making decisions together.

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From 21 September to 30 October 2023, we sought feedback to understand what our communities think about this study.

This feedback will support the findings of the study. This will help us improve how people access and use our rapid transit stations, with a long-term goal to grow patronage, provide a better end-to-end customer journey, and support thriving communities around these stations.