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A helpful guide to catching trains in Auckland as well as expected behaviour and etiquette on our services.

Tips for boarding and travelling by train in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland - information if you're boarding with a bike, pet, pram or accessibility/mobility item.

At train stations

  • Arrive a few minutes early so that you don't miss the train.
  • Allow extra time if you need to top up your AT HOP card or purchase a paper ticket at the ticket and top up machine available at all stations. Tickets cannot be purchased on board trains. When using an AT HOP card, please remember to tag on and tag off every journey.
  • AT HOP cards or paper tickets may be checked at any time by uniformed rail staff. People travelling without a valid ticket or tagged on AT HOP card may be fined.
  • Check the station signs to find out which platform your train will be leaving from - this depends on which direction you will be travelling. Departure platforms may change at some stations including Waitematā Station (Britomart), Newmarket, Papakura and Swanson.
  • As with all public places, please take care with your personal belongings. Do not leave bags/luggage unattended.
  • All train stations within the Auckland region are smoke free (this includes vaping).
  • View the list of Customer service centres available at stations.

Ticket gates

Customers using AT HOP cards through tickets gates in Newmarket station

  • Waitematā Station (Britomart), Newmarket, New Lynn, Henderson, Otahuhu, Manukau and Manurewa stations have electronic ticket gates for entry to and from the station or platform when using an AT HOP card. A wider gate is available for wheelchair, pram or luggage access.
  • If you are travelling with a paper ticket, you will need to show your ticket and enter or exit using the paper ticket (manual) gate.

Boarding the train

  • Trains in Auckland have electronic route and destination signs on the outside. It is best to always check carefully to make sure you are catching the correct train.
  • Stand behind the yellow/white platform edge lines until the train stops. 

Demonstration of a finger pressing the lit up green button on the train to open the doors

  • To open the doors, push the green button when it lights up. Wait for customers to exit the train before boarding.

Transferring trains

To complete your journey, you may need to transfer between lines. The transfer points are marked on the Auckland Rail Network maps.

If you are making a train to train transfer:

  • You don't need to tag off/on when transferring trains. Just tag on at the station where you start your journey and tag off before you leave the last station of your journey, or
  • If travelling with a paper ticket, purchase a ticket for your entire journey (ie the station you first depart from and your destination)

Find out more about transfer discounts.

Consideration for others

For your own comfort, as well as those around you, the simple tips below ensure everyone enjoys a pleasant trip:

  • No eating or smoking (this includes vaping) is allowed on trains at any time.
  • Beverages in a closed/lidded container can be taken on board.
  • Strictly no alcohol to be consumed on board or at stations.
  • Give your seat to seniors, pregnant women, people with small children.
  • Take off backpacks and store bags under seats or on your lap.
  • Refrain from resting your feet on the seats.
  • When listening to personal audio devices, use headphones set at a volume that ensures other passengers are not disturbed.
  • Do not block doors and whenever possible move down the aisle.
  • Take all your belongings, including rubbish, with you.
  • When boarding, let others off first. It's faster for everyone.

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Conditions of Carriage

The Conditions of Carriage specify the responsibilities of Auckland One Rail, as well as those of our customers, in relation to travelling on the Auckland Metro rail network.

Read the Conditions of Carriage on the Auckland One Rail website

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