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Engineering design standards

Standards for engineering infrastructure design and construction are intended for use by developers, contractors, consultants, service/utility operators, Auckland Transport and Auckland Council design engineers, planners, project managers and others who design and install transport facilities and services in Auckland.

These are provided to establish minimum standards of work, to ensure that there is no reduction in the asset condition, or length of useful service in the life of the road asset.

With the merging of the seven former councils, Auckland Regional Council (ARC) and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA), Auckland Transport inherited the respective historic policies, guidelines and standards of each of those former Road Controlling Authorities.

To provide improved clarity and consistency throughout the Auckland region, the former legacy councils’ Engineering Infrastructure Standards have been reviewed in comparison to one another, giving cognisance to other relevant national and international standards, current best practice and innovative thought to potential improved concepts.

The outcome of this work will be contained in the Auckland Transport Code of Practice (ATCOP). The ATCOP Consultation Draft has now been published and the public can make submissions on it.

ATCOP contains AT’s recommended standards, however, in some cases the Engineering Infrastructure Design Standards of the previous councils may be applicable based on the status of the District Plans concerned.

Waitakere City engineering standards

Code of Practice for City Infrastructure and Land Development in the former Waitakere City.

Standard details for roading in Rodney

Standard Details for Roading in the former Rodney District.

Papakura development code

Development Code standards for the former Papakura District Council.

Manukau engineering quality standards

Engineering Quality Standards and approved requirements for the former Manukau City Council.

Franklin engineering standards

Standard engineering details for the former Franklin District Council.

Auckland City engineering standards

Standard engineering details for the former Auckland City Council.

North Shore infrastructure design standards

Infrastructure Design Standards for the former North Shore City Council.

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