Lost road cone removal Lost road cone removal

Find out how to report lost road cones, road signs, and other abandoned roadworks equipment across Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland.

A close up of two orange road cones lying sideways on the pavement.

Orange road cones are a familiar site in our growing city. Along with other roadworks equipment like signs and barriers, they help keep us safe while work is being done to make Tāmaki Makaurau a better place for us to work, play, and live.

Sometimes road cones and road signs go missing, are stolen, or are left behind during the clean-up. These lost pieces of roadworks equipment are without a purpose. They can create confusion, clutter our roads and footpaths making them harder to access, or even become safety hazards.

AT needs your help finding lost road cones and other roadworks equipment so we can return them to their purpose and reduce the number of unnecessary cones on our network. If you spot a lonely road cone, road sign, or other piece of abandoned roadworks equipment, you can arrange for it to be removed using the button below.

Cone removal

A round icon of a beige circle with an orange road cone in the middle of it

You have helped us identify 1281 cones for removal so far in 2023.