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This page outlines AT’s transport system policies.

What are policies?

Policies are formal positions AT has on specific matters, which articulate to AT staff and/or our customers how and why we do things the way we do. Often a policy will be the starting point for a bylaw, setting out the position which is then enforced formally through the bylaw.

Why do we need them?

We need policies to ensure that we operate in a consistent and clearly communicated manner. It acts as a method to ensure fairness for users of the system and ensure we behave in a predictable way. 

What do AT’s policies cover?

There are two types of policies: corporate policies, which generally outline how we will operate as an organisation towards customers, and system policies, which outline how we will plan, design and operate the transport system. Both are included on this page.

AT’s policies are below. Some are taken from larger documents, while others sit on their own.

Policy Macro

Customer privacy policy

AT created this policy to help you understand how we collect, use and protect your personal information when you visit our websites, contact us or use our products and services.

Advertising policy

The policy sets out principles with a decision-making framework and criteria to govern the approval of advertisements appearing on AT’s infrastructure, facilities and services.

Men in PPE

Health & safety policies

Policies and procedures that have been completed to align with our health and safety framework.

Street Parking 294

Auckland parking strategy policies

View the policies which underpin how we manage the parking system. Note this takes you to the Parking Strategy webpage. The policies are within the document.

Public Transport Interchange 220

Regional Public Transport Plan policies

View the policies which underpin how we manage the public transport system. Note this takes you to the Regional Public Transport Plan webpage. The policies are within the document.

At Careers

Procurement Policy

Read about how we procure products, support and materials for projects and to assist our work.

CCTV policy

This CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) policy sets out how Auckland Transport (AT) will install, operate, and manage CCTV systems, and how it will collect, use and manage CCTV footage and CCTV data, to support its functions and activities.

Information and Records Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for high-level requirements and responsibilities for the creation and lifecycle management of AT’s information and local authority records.

Auckland Transport’s Gift and Hospitality Policy – Guidance for Suppliers

AT is a public entity and there is heightened sensitivity around AT employees and representatives (AT Staff) who receive benefits by virtue of their position.

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