Mooring self-help guide Mooring self-help guide

What moorings does AT Harbourmaster administer?

All mooring sites AT administer are located within mooring zones (mooring management areas – MMA) throughout the Auckland Region. Auckland Transport allocates a site and issues a licence that is renewed on payment of an annual fee. The licence may be renewed for a further year (1 July to the following 30 June) subject to payment of the annual fee. If you wish to lay a mooring outside the Auckland Transport administered zones, a resource consent is required from Auckland Council.

Why do I need to have my mooring inspected?

This is to make sure your mooring is safe to use for your vessel, it should be viewed the same as your car having a current WOF. During mooring inspections the entire mooring is lifted to the surface and inspected for wear and general condition.

When do I need to have my mooring inspected?

All moorings are generally inspected every 3 years. You will be reminded by the Harbourmaster’s Office 6 months and then 3 months out from your inspection date advising to make a booking with your choice of approved mooring contractor.

Who should or can I book an inspection with?

We do not have any preference, as it is your choice in selecting a service provider. Ask for their intended schedule in your vicinity.

What if the contractor can’t inspect my mooring by its due date?

If a contractor won’t be in your area by your due date, please still arrange an inspection booking and we will await the report once completed. We understand that the contractors can be delayed in providing their services to you, so please arrange a booking and we can follow up with the provider if needed.

What if my mooring fails an inspection?

Failed moorings are generally repaired at time of inspection. It is common for components to require replacement. The cost of repair is between yourself and mooring contractor. If repairs are not actioned the Harbourmasters office will notify you of the failure and the correct course of action. If no action is taken after receiving the advice from the Harbourmasters Office, your mooring license will look to be cancelled and you risk bylaw fines.

What makes a mooring fail inspection?

Pitting, bending, stretching or signs of localised wear may indicate a component requires replacement.

What fails on moorings most commonly?

Top ropes are the most frequent source of mooring failure, and should be checked regularly for any signs of wear, chafing twisting or other damage.

Can I upgrade my mooring to put a larger vessel on it?

You would need to email the Harbourmaster’s office first to see if there is adequate swing room, depth and if the vessel is suitable for the mooring. If there is space, we will advise you on this.

Can I lay a new mooring?

You can by submitting an online application form found on the Auckland Transport, Harbourmasters webpage under “Apply for a new mooring site”. Your application will then be reviewed for any potential new sites.

Where can I lay a new mooring in Auckland/Rodney Region?

We have several locations that can be found using the Interactive Mooring Zone map, or by applying online on the Harbourmaster website.

How long will it take to lay a new mooring?

This depends on a suitable site being found and the workload of the contractor you decide to use. In general, it can take about 5 working days for the Harbourmasters Office to advise you on a new site. The mooring contractor you decide to book with for the work will advise you on their schedule in laying your mooring.

Must I keep a boat on the mooring?

The intention of the mooring is to be used and not a reserved space for occasional use. No licence holder may leave the mooring vacant or unattended for a period of longer than six months without prior written approval of AT.

Can I self inspect my mooring that dries each tide cycle?

Yes, it is your responsibility to regularly inspect all components of your mooring.

How often do I need to check my mooring?

We recommend going onboard your vessel monthly to check vessel condition and to ensure there is no chafe on the mooring line.

Can I use a Fergie buoy?

Yes Fergie buoys can be installed but there is an added level of self checking required. Top ropes can quickly be damaged if the top swivel is not freely spinning. The top rope can be damaged as the rope untwists. Mooring systems employing Fergie buoys or similar (where the top rope passes through the buoy) with three strand rope appear to be more prone to this problem. Regular checking of top ropes for any signs of twisting or hockling (where the rope eventually folds back on itself) is required as this will weaken the rope and may even allow any splices to slip free. Multiplait rope is preferable for use with these types of buoys as the splices will not unlay when twisted.

As a mooring owner my contact details have changed, what must I do?

Email your updated contacted detailed to Harbourmaster including your mooring number.

Why must my contact details be current?

In case of an incident involving your vessel we need to be able to get in contact with you in a timely manner to minimise potential damage.

Can I tie onto any available mooring?

No. You must have permission from the Mooring owner before attaching anything to a mooring that you do not own or lease. It is an offence to secure any vessel to a mooring without the mooring owner’s prior permission; this offence carries a $200 infringement.

Someone is Pirating my mooring, what do I do?

If a vessel is occupying your mooring and is not authorized to do so, please contact the Harbourmaster's office in the first instance and we will investigate the issue.

What is the maximum size vessel I can upgrade to or have on my mooring?

The maximum vessel LOA (Length overall) is 15m. If any vessel is larger than 15m, please advise the Harbourmasters Office by email and we can advise on your current situation.

Can I have a vessel over 15m on a mooring?

In exceptional circumstances the request will be reviewed and if successful, be subject to specific conditions (Insurance, Wreck Removal, location of mooring etc). The result of the application will be at the discretion of the Harbourmaster.

Can I rent/sub-lease my mooring?

Your mooring permit only allows renting of the mooring to a maximum period of 6 months. You would need to notify the Harbourmaster’s office prior to renting, with the details of the vessel, vessel owner and a photo of the vessel to be on the mooring. We would then review the details submitted and advise you accordingly. In certain circumstances renting the mooring for longer is possible, but this is at the Harbourmaster’s approval.

How much can I rent/sell my mooring for?

Rent: We recommend a cost between $25 -$35pwk Selling: The price can vary depending on if the mooring has a current inspection report or not. We would advise anything between ($2750 - $4000) subject to a valid inspection report. Without a report, the cost would be lower ($1500/$2250) as you, the current owner or the new potential owner would need to pay to get an inspection and any possible repairs to the mooring. Please bear in mind the cost of a brand-new mooring can vary between $4500 - $6000 depending on the size of the vessel.

How do I transfer a mooring?

A Mooring Transfer Form must be completed and signed by both parties and returned to the Auckland Harbourmaster’s Office. A transfer fee applies.

  1. A mooring site can only be transferred by the Auckland Transport Harbourmaster’s Office.
  2. A mooring transfer will only be processed if all the outstanding fees have been paid
  3. The new vessel must be suitable for the mooring site and approved by the Auckland Transport Harbourmaster’s Office.
  4. Where waiting lists apply, the mooring site can only be transferred to the next suitable person on the list. Email Harbourmaster for assistance

How do I cancel a licence?

If you wish to cancel your licence let us know if writing either by email or post. Include your intentions with the mooring tackle, it is your responsibility to arrange disposal or removal of the mooring. Contact mooring contractor for assistance.



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