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Traffic management plans

Traffic management initiatives help keep our traffic moving at peak times, when road works are being undertaken or when over-dimension vehicles are using the road. On-site traffic management is arranged by trained staff in accordance with an approved Traffic management plan.

What a traffic management plan is

A Traffic Management Plan is a document that describes the design, implementation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management measures while an activity in the road reserve is carried out.

When a traffic management plan is required

A traffic management plan is required for:

  • Any activity that varies the normal operating conditions of any part of the road reserve (boundary to boundary). For example, if the work will prevent:
    • Normal pedestrian access along a footpath
    • Normal use of a vehicle driving or parking lane
  • All Corridor Access Requests must be accompanied by a Traffic Management Plan.
  • If the work to be done does not involve ‘opening the road’ e.g. scaffolding work or aerial work on existing poles, then the applicant ONLY requires a Traffic Management Plan.

Qualified service providers

Traffic management plans are required to be designed, set up and monitored by personnel qualified under NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) requirements. Service providers may be found in the Yellow Pages under 'Traffic Management Equipment & Services'.

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