Have your say on the future of our public transport system Have your say on the future of our public transport system

Date: 18 July 2023

Auckland Transport (AT) has developed proposals to improve our public transport system over the next eight years.

The organisation is now asking Aucklanders for their thoughts on the proposed Regional Public Transport Plan 2023-203, by 17 August 2023.

Stacey van der Putten, AT’s Executive General Manager Public Transport Services, says Aucklanders should have their say about how we will be travelling around our city over the next decade as we continue to grow as a city.

“The plan outlines how we will manage and improve public transport over the next eight years; the services that will operate during this time; the goals, policies, and actions that will shape public transport; and how we will monitor the performance of the public transport system.

“Under this proposal, we will see circa 60 per cent of the Auckland population living within a frequent transit network. Right now it’s circa 40 per cent.”

Andrew McGill, AT’s Head of Integrated Network Planning, says that to get to this point AT has already heard from over 2,000 Aucklanders and held several workshops with key interest groups.

“We heard some common themes and we’ve developed proposals to tackle them,” he says.

Aucklanders told AT some of their key issues and AT proposes to make these a priority. They include:

Fix the current issues due to driver shortages and cancellations:

  • The bus driver shortage will be fixed by the end of 2023.
  • KiwiRail’s rebuild of the rail network will be complete by early 2026, reducing cancellations and disruptions.

Provide more frequent services:

  • The Auckland Council Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate will fund 10 new frequent bus routes by 2027, and another three frequent routes will be delivered by 2031.
  • By 2026 trains will run every 7.5 minutes at peak travel times and every 15 minutes the rest of the day.
  • More ferries operating on several routes by 2025.

Speed up travel times:

  • City Rail Link will speed up train journeys meaning twice as many people will be within 30 minutes of central Auckland.
  • More bus lanes on key routes.
  • More bus queue jumps and priority at key intersections.

Make fares more affordable:

  • AT wants feedback on a proposed weekly fare cap that allows unlimited travel for a fixed price.
  • Government funded half-price fares for under 25s and free fares to under 13s have already kicked off.

Create a low carbon public transport system:

  • Over 1,000 buses (75 per cent of the fleet) will have no tail pipe emissions by 2031.
  • Electric ferries in operation on several routes by 2025.
  • Electric trains to Pukekohe by 2026.

To find out more, visit AT.govt.nz/rptp where you can:

  • See what else Aucklanders have been saying (and AT’s proposed responses).
  • Read the draft Regional Public Transport Plan or the summary document.
  • Have your say.