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Rapid transit refers to the fast, frequent, and reliable public transport services that form the core of the network. Other public transport services and modes of transport connect to rapid transit, which may include different modes or technologies, such as buses, trains, and ferries.

Auckland’s existing rapid transit network includes:

  • The Northern and Eastern Busways
  • The Southern, Eastern, and Western lines of the rail network
  • The Western Express and AirportLink (early steps towards full rapid transit)

Rapid transit will play a major part in meeting travel demand for Auckland’s growing population while supporting sustainable travel.


About the Auckland Rapid Transit Pathway

The Auckland Rapid Transit Pathway (ARTP) is a technical analysis indicating where rapid transit is needed, when, and in what form. Auckland Transport will use the ARTP to ensure that all related projects integrate with each other and the wider transport network.


The ARTP sets out:

  • why we need to expand our rapid transit network
  • the role that rapid transit plays in the wider transport network
  • other key issues around the development of the rapid transit network.

The ARTP includes high-level plans as well as detailed planning for individual corridors and will involve a number of different agencies, including Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, and KiwiRail.

Schematic of the long-term network laid out in the Auckland Rapid Transit Pathway
Schematic of the long-term network laid out in the Auckland Rapid Transit Pathway

Work on individual rapid transit corridors

The stages of corridor development may run as individual projects or as part of wider projects, sometimes led by other agencies with involvement from Auckland Transport (AT).

Several corridors are under investigation and/or development for rapid transit. These include:

Future updates to the ARTP

During this long-term project, factors like funding, technology, the city’s growth, and political priorities may change. We will regularly review and update the ARTP as needed and publish changes on our website.

Have your say on rapid transit planning

You can have your say on the development of Auckland’s rapid transit network via:

  • input to Auckland Council, as through the Auckland Plan and Long-Term Plan process
  • consultation feedback on AT plans, including the Regional Land Transport Plan and Regional Public Transport Plan
  • work on individual corridors, including those listed above, by contacting the agency leading the work.

Feedback will be used to shape the contents of the ARTP and be reflected in future updates to the plan.


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