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Ferry services Ferry services

Enjoy 50% off AT bus, train and ferry travel fares and concessions until 31 August 2022. Excludes Waiheke and Rakino Island ferry services. For more details, visit Half Price Discount on Public Transport Fares.

FERRY-Serenity---Rak-3-editAuckland is a harbour city and ferries have been a part of its fabric for over 150 years.  From the ever-popular Devonport and Waiheke ferries, to more recent additions of Hobsonville, Gulf and Pine Harbour ferries to these fast-growing communities 

Ferries offer a direct and less stressful way to travel for thousands of commuters each day.  They also provide a harbour experience for locals and visitors alike to get out and explore Auckland - providing an opportunity to admire views of the city, and an up-close view of the Harbour Bridge and coastline.

So, whether you are looking for a quicker and less stressful way to travel to the city, want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the harbour, or are heading out to explore Auckland’s seaside spots around Auckland, ferries are for you.

From 26 July 2020, ferry services will be joining AT Metro’s integrated fare system.
This means you can transfer between AT bus, train and ferry and pay just one fare for your entire journey with your AT HOP card.

Free Child Weekend fares now apply to the following weekend ferry services: Bayswater, Beach Haven, Birkenhead, Devonport, Half Moon Bay and Hobsonville Point. Standard child fares apply to Waiheke services. 


Map & timetables

Check out our route map showing all 13 routes operated by Auckland Transport, plus printable copies of the timetables.


Ticket information

AT HOP can be used on all AT ferry services except to Rakino. Cash tickets can be purchased from the Downtown ferry terminal and onboard most vessels. More details here.


Fares & discounts

Check out cash and AT HOP fares for each ferry route, and how to apply for concessions.


Using ferries

Find out a bit more about how we operate, the facilities on board and at the terminals, and travel tips.


Bus connections

Many ferry services have convenient connecting bus services to and from the ferry terminal.


Ferry operators

See ferry operator contact details for lost property, alert services, and tourist ferry services to Hauraki islands.


Live ferry positions

See where Auckland ferries are in real time with our interactive map.