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We collect data on how Aucklanders use our city's roads, paths and public transport. Wherever we can, we will make this data available.

Our open data is available in a range of formats from many different data sources. The data we release is free to use by developers, researchers and open data enthusiasts and is licensed under a Creative Commons licence:


The Auckland Transport developer portal is a platform that shows a diverse range of APIs and transport data from Auckland Transport and NZTA. This service is provided to developers and companies under the Auckland Transport API conditions terms and conditions

The API data includes: 

  • Real-time alerts, vehicle locations and trip updates.
  • Public transport routes, stops, agencies and trip information.
  • Parking locations, scheduled works, customer service centres and points-of-interest. 

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AT Labs

AT Labs is a platform which puts together applications that incorporate public transport technologies in Auckland.

AT Open GIS Data

Our Open GIS Data website gives access to view, download and use datasets of interest relating to Auckland, with the ultimate aim of encouraging the development of innovative ideas, services, apps and business propositions by the local community. 

General Transit Feed Specification

Our public transport information is available as a series of datasets.

Download a zip file of our GTFS datasets.

Monthly cycle monitoring

We monitor and report on the number of cycle trips in Auckland using automated cycle-monitoring equipment at 13 city centre sites and 14 regional sites. Daily trip numbers are compiled monthly. Data is available in .CSV format.

Find out how the data is collected and download the monthly cycle data.

Monthly public transport patronage

We monitor and report on public transport patronage, data is available in .CSV and .XLSX formats.

Download the monthly public transport patronage data.

Other data sources

If you'd like to know more about travel-related data sources, you might be interested in: