Public Transport fares rise for first time in two years Public Transport fares rise for first time in two years

Date: 15 March 2023

Public transport fares in Auckland will rise by around 6.5% from 2 April 2023.

The fare increase, which is the first in two years, will add no more than 20 cents per journey while half price fares remain in place.

Auckland Transport (AT) Interim Chief Executive Mark Lambert says the average increase has been kept below inflation and operating cost increases.

“The cost of operating a bus, train, or ferry service has increased significantly since 2021.

“However, with multiple COVID-19 lockdowns in that time and an increase in people working from home, the number of people catching public transport and paying fares has also reduced.

“This leaves a significant funding gap, we are seeking extra funding from multiple sources but unfortunately a small percentage of this funding gap has to be covered by customers,” he says.

Mr Lambert says that historically, an annual fare review is implemented in February each year.

“Given uncertainties regarding the level and duration of the lockdowns and future patronage recovery strategies, there was no fare increase in 2022. In addition, the planned February 2023 fare increase was deferred due to the recent weather events.”

Short distance fares increase by around 8% and longer distance fares will only increase by up to 3% – 5% with some out zone fares remaining at current levels, reflecting AT’s commitment to making public transport more accessible for Aucklanders who need to travel further.

Mr Lambert wanted to acknowledge that it has been a challenging time for public transport customers in Auckland.

“With significant bus driver and ferry crew shortages, along with KiwiRail’s Rail Network Rebuild, the level of service has simply not been the same as our customers are used to.

“I want to assure Auckland that we are doing everything possible to get our public transport back on track.”

In April 2022 fares were reduced to half-price through central government funding support until 30 June 2022 which has now been extended through to 30 June 2023.