Future Connect - Auckland Transport's Network Plan Future Connect - Auckland Transport's Network Plan

Future Connect is the long-term network plan for Auckland’s transport system. It identifies the most important parts of the transport network, and identifies the most critical issues and opportunities. This helps us make our 10-year investment programme, the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP).

Future Connect

Future Connect 2023

Future Connect was first published in 2021, covering the period from 2021 to 2031. We have now published the first major update, Future Connect 2023, which covers the period from 2024 to 2034. For this update, we have refreshed our Strategic Networks, the Transport System Analysis and Focus Areas to reflect the latest thinking and data. Future Connect 2023 also fully incorporates the walking network and adds an equity lens to the Transport System Analysis. You can find these updates, and many other small improvements, in the Future Connect Mapping Portal.

The purpose of Future Connect

Aucklanders travel around the region in increasingly diverse ways. Future Connect brings all the main means of travel in Auckland, called transport modes, together into a single network plan. This makes Future Connect a valuable planning tool. By keeping all modes in mind when planning for the future, AT can make better use of the existing transport network.

Future Connect is currently a 10-year plan. Ultimately, it will set a 30-year vision for Auckland's transport system.

Future Connect and the Regional Land Transport Plan

Future Connect is Auckland Transport's network plan that identifies the Strategic Networks and the region’s most critical transport challenges. It does not, however, propose any solutions to these challenges. This is the role of the Regional Land Transport Plan, our 10-year investment plan. The RLTP considers Future Connect outputs, to help prioritise investments with the greatest overall benefits to the transport system.

What it Includes

Future Connect maps the most important network links for all transport modes. We call these our Strategic Networks. It also includes a Transport System Analysis, which identifies issues and opportunities expected over the next 10 years. Complex areas with many issues become Auckland’s Transport Focus Areas (areas in need of further investigation, where investment is needed).

These key outputs, as well as contextual data and detailed background data used for our analysis, is available to everyone through the Future Connect Mapping Portal.

Key outputs graphic

How will Future Connect affect me?

Future Connect will not affect Aucklanders directly, because it does not propose any new projects. That happens through the Regional Land Transport Plan, and other AT programmes and projects.

However, Future Connect does set the long-term network vision for Auckland’s transport system and provides the evidence to guide how we plan, invest, deliver, operate and maintain Auckland’s transport system.

Who is Future Connect for?

Future Connect is a valuable planning tool for people working on, or interested in, Auckland’s transport network.

The use of Future Connect is encouraged for all of those involved in the development of Auckland, including other local and central government agencies, private developers, and industry.

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