Safe speed programme to date Safe speed programme to date

The speed programme involves both safe speeds and speed calming engineering measures. AT is required by law to review and set speed limits that are ‘safe and appropriate’ for all roads under its control. These are speeds that are appropriate for road function, design, safety and use.

See map for the speed limit changes around Auckland.

Safe Speeds Phase One

The first phase of speed limit reviews under the Safe Speeds Programme covered approximately 11% of the local road network and focused on the highest risk roads. The speed limit changes made following the Phase one reviews were made under AT’s Speed Limits Bylaw 2019.

On 30 June 2020 speed limits were changed within Auckland’s city centre, residential areas in Te Atatū South and Rosehill in Papakura, plus many high risk urban and rural roads. Speed limits in a number of town centres and 26 roads in Auckland’s west and north were changed in stages from August 2020 to June 2021. Town centres under Phase one included Orewa, Torbay, Mairangi, Mission Bay, St Heliers and Otahuhu.

Safe Speeds Phase two

Consultation for Phase Two of speed limit changes was completed between September 2021 and November 2021, with changes set out in the draft Speed Limits Amendment Bylaw 2022. In this phase we have had a significant focus on safe speeds for rural roads and roads near schools. As a result of community and local board feedback from consultation, changes were made to thirteen roads within the proposal, with the majority of these within the Franklin rural area.

The new safe and appropriate speed limits came into effect between 30 June – 28 July in the following areas:

Phase two safe speeds
Rural roads in Franklin – 204 roads (421km)
Otara Town Centre – 10 roads (3km)
Manurewa – Residential area - 83 roads (20km)
Freemans Bay and Ponsonby area - 45 roads (19km)
57 schools – 463 roads (148km)
8% of the AT Network | 804 roads | 611km

Safe Speeds Phase three

Consultation for Phase Three of the Safe Speeds Programme, covering 1,646 roads, closed on 3 April 2022. All consultation feedback was closely reviewed, and speed limit changes will take place between December 2022 and March 2023.

Areas include the north and south of the region, and roads around 75 schools. Safe speed town centres include Takapuna, Devonport and Glen Innes, a residential area in Manurewa, roads outside of rural marae across our region and roads which have been requested by the community. The entire Waiheke Island has also been reviewed with safer speeds recommended.

Safe Speeds programme results

The purpose of reviewing speed limits is to save lives and prevent serious injuries. And the evidence is clear – safe speed limits save lives.

Between 2014 and 2017 the number of deaths and serious injuries (DSI) on Auckland’s roads increased by approximately 78 per cent - more than five times the rate of the growth in vehicle kilometres travelled.

In areas where speed limits were changed on 30 June 2020, monitoring reports show a 30 percent reduction in deaths and 21 percent reductions in serious injuries. In comparison, across all Auckland roads for the time period (24 months), road deaths increased by 9 percent.

Read the full report: Safe Speeds Phase 1, 24 Month Interim Evaluation (PDF 789KB).