How to pay for public transport How to pay for public transport

Pay for travel on buses, trains and ferries using an AT HOP card. Cash can be used to purchase a paper ticket for train and ferry travel only.

Pay for travel with an AT HOP card

Pre-pay for travel on buses, trains and ferries with the AT HOP smart card.

Pay for the train with cash

Auckland trains operate on a pre-pay system, no tickets are sold onboard trains. To travel you must have a valid pre-purchased ticket before boarding the train.

Example paper ticket for a trip to Britomart from SwansonTravelling using a single-trip paper ticket

  • You can purchase single-trip paper tickets from the ticket and top-up machine or Customer service centre at all stations before you board the train.
  • Single-trip paper tickets can only be used once and must be used within 2 hours of purchasing your ticket.
  • The origin and destination on the ticket must match your physical trip. For a return journey to your original destination you will need to buy another paper ticket from the station you will be leaving from.
  • If you do not have a a valid pre-purchased ticket before boarding the train you may be subject to an infringement.
  • At electronic gates, scan the QR code on your paper ticket to access and exit the platform.
  • Retain your ticket for the duration of your trip.

Pay for the ferry 

From 12 June 2023, you will need to buy a ticket before you board AT ferry services. To travel you must have a valid pre-purchased ticket before boarding the ferry or tag on with your AT HOP card for your travel.

This will provide you with a consistent experience across all services and minimise the need for cash transactions. 

Ticket machines are located at ferry terminals across the network, except Northcote Point. Passengers on this service will need to purchase a ticket when they depart or arrive at the Downtown Ferry Terminal.

Find out how to buy a single-trip paper ticket from a machine

For more details, see Ticket Information.

For information on ferry ticket prices and conditions, see Ferry fares.

Group train travel

Group travel passes are available to schools, institutions and organisations wishing to travel by train.

To purchase, email us at two weeks prior with the following information:

  • Name of the School, institution or organisation.
  • Date of travel.
  • Train line, time and departure station.
  • Train line, time and return station.
  • Number of adults.
  • Number of children.
  • Number of seniors.
  • Accessible requirements.
  • Address the Group Travel Pass is to be sent to.

Ticket conditions of carriage

View the Auckland Passenger Rail Network Conditions of Carriage from Auckland One Rail.

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