Public transport infringements Public transport infringements

Auckland Transport is authorised to issue infringement notices for fare dodging (not paying a fare for travelling) on public transport services.

When you fly on a plane, get on a cruise ship or ride on a coach between cities you need a valid ticket to travel, and it’s no different when you travel on our buses, trains or ferries.

Under the Land Transport Act 1998, our Transport Officers have powers to direct you to provide proof that you have paid your correct fare. So if  requested, please provide proof of a valid fare.

Transport Officers can issue a $150 infringement notice for travelling without a valid ticket or not being tagged-on with your AT HOP card, with the appropriate concession.

Transport Officers also have the authority to direct you to disembark a service or direct you not to board a service.

If you refuse to comply with either of these directions you can be summonsed to appear in Court and could face a fine of up to $1000, depending on what direction you refuse to follow.

Passengers legitimately travelling for free must also provide proof if asked by a Transport Officer, for example children travelling for free in the weekend and people travelling on special event services with a valid game or concert ticket.

How to avoid public transport infringements

Arrive with plenty of time to purchase a ticket or top up your AT HOP card. Even easier, set up an auto top up on your AT HOP card. Auto top up helps ensure you always have enough funds on your AT HOP card to pay your fare. When your AT HOP card balance drops below your selected amount your card is topped up automatically.

Remember, you must always tag on with your AT HOP card before you board the train or ferry, or as you board the bus, and then tag off when you exit.

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