Fares & discounts Fares & discounts

Fare information for buses, trains and ferries. Find out about types of tickets, special passes, fare policies for discounted travel and using cash for single-trip paper tickets or an AT HOP card.


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Bus & train fares

Bus and train fare prices for travel using cash or an AT HOP card.


Ferry fares

Ferry fare prices for travel using cash or an AT HOP card.

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Fare zones & calculating how much you pay

A new, simpler fare system for all bus, train and ferry services.


Fare concessions

Find out if you could receive discounted travel.


Monthly passes

Monthly passes for an easy one-purchase ticket to travel over the month.

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How to pay for public transport

Pay for travel using cash or use an AT HOP card.

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Ticket retailers

Find location of ticket offices, agents and AT HOP retailers.

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AT HOP daily fare cap

Travel all day on trains, buses and inner harbour ferries for no more than $20.

Public Transport fare changes February 2024

From 4 February 2024, there will be some fare changes to public transport services.




Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.