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Providing feedback will help us decide the final outcome of our projects, please let us know what you think.

A list of recent proposals in Central Auckland can be found below, if you’re looking for an older proposal please use the street name in the search field.

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Aranui Road, Mt Wellington – Minor Improvements

Suburb: Mount Wellington | Status: Open until 04 September 2023

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Fanshawe Street Mid-block Crossing Project

Suburb: City Centre | Status: Open until 30 July 2023

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Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn – Paid Parking

Suburb: Grey Lynn | Status: Open until 29 June 2023

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Grey Lynn Residential Parking Zone Extension

Suburb: Grey Lynn| Status: Open until 29 June 2023

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Grafton parking changes

Suburb: Grafton | Status: Closed

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Hobson Street bus lane extensions

Suburb: City centre | Status: closed

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Newmarket residential parking zone improvements

Suburb: Newmarket | Status: Open until 14 April 2023

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West Tamaki Road, Wai O Taiki Bay - Parking Changes

Suburb: Wai O Taiki Bay | Status: Closed

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Commodore Drive, Lynfield - Broken Yellow Lines

Suburb: Lynfield | Status: Open until 31 March 2023.

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Ponsonby Residential Parking Zone Review

Suburb: Ponsonby | Status: Closed

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Kepa Road, Mission Bay – Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Mission Bay | Status: Open until 1 December 2022

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Connected Communities – Urban Active Links

Suburb: Multiple | Status: Coming late 2023

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View Road, Mt Eden - Raised zebra crossing

Suburb: Mt Eden | Status: Closed

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Sherbourne Road, Mt Eden - Raised Zebra Crossing

Suburb: Mount Eden | Status: Closed


Glen Innes Town Centre safety improvements

Suburb: Glen Innes | Status: closed

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New North Road and Symonds Street upgrade

Suburb: Multiple | Status: Open until 8 April 2022. 

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Meadowbank to Kohimarama Connections

Suburb: Meadowbank | Project status: Closed

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