Pilot exemption pack Pilot exemption pack

Ships masters in the Auckland region are required to have a PEC (Pilot Exempt Certificate) to be able to bring a vessel over 500GT (Gross Tonnage) into pilotage areas without embarking a licenced pilot.

This page compiles all the documentation required to obtain a PEC.

Any candidate wishing to obtain a PEC must email the Harbourmaster's Office before beginning any training.

PEC documents

Application forms

You need to fill out the PEC application form and the Fit and proper person form.

Get the forms from the Maritime NZ website.

Accompanying documents

1. Navigation Bylaw 2021

2. Harbourmaster’s Direction 2-20: Vessel Operating Requirements (PDF 137KB)

3. Harbourmaster’s Direction 3-20: Pilotage (PDF 321KB)

4. Harbour rules and regulations

5. Exempt Master log book (PDF 162KB)

6. PEC Proficiency Plan 20240209 (PDF 267KB)

7. Hydro charts (PDF 19.6MB)

8. POAL Tidal Current Maps - Neap (PDF 1MB)

8a. POAL Tidal Current Maps - Spring (PDF 1MB)

8b. POAL Tidal Current Map Inner Rangitoto Channel (PDF 3.3MB)

8c. POAL Tidal Current Map Outer Rangitoto Channel (PDF 1.75MB)

9. MNZ Advisory Circular - Part 90 Pilotage (PDF 130KB)

10. Pilotage Exemption blank chart exercise (PDF 23KB)

Pilot Exempt Master peer review

Masters holding a current PEC for the Auckland or Manukau Harbour must comply with annual assessment requirements, as required by Maritime Rule Part 90.

The peer review form is to be used by Pilot Exempt Masters in order to meet these requirements.

Download the Pilot Exempt Masters peer review form (PDF 265KB)