Decision Digest – May 2024 Auckland Transport Board meeting Decision Digest – May 2024 Auckland Transport Board meeting

Date: 31 May 2024

The Auckland Transport Board held its May meeting on Tuesday where it heard a public submission from Bike Auckland on accessible cycling infrastructure.

Standing items

Chief Executive’s Open Business Report:

The board heard from Chief Executive Dean Kimpton on the organisation’s Statement of Intent performance, noting AT has met or exceeded all measures in our Statement of Intent.

The Chief Executive noted the city centre parking changes, and the response to the feedback on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan, which received 6,000 responses in the first 10 days.

The appointment of our new Director Customer and Network Solutions, Simon Buxton, was noted.

Health, safety and wellbeing update:

This item included an update on Death and Serious Injury statistics, and an update on measures to protect customers and public transport staff on our services.

 Items for decision

 AT Sustainability Strategy:

The board approved the AT Sustainability Strategy 2024-2031. The strategy pulls together several AT plans and documents into a core strategy focussed on climate change, environment, and social and economic outcomes. The strategy enables alignment with the Climate Standard CS-1 disclosure requirements.

AT Equity Framework:

 The board approved the AT Equity Framework, which raises awareness of equity issues in the transport system and encourages consideration of equity issues in decision-making. The framework will help guide future transport planning and the principles have already been used in existing projects.

The AT Board also confirmed its meeting and committee meeting schedule until June 2025. The board agreed a six meeting per year cadence, to enable a more efficient governance model.