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The Travelwise primary school programme focuses on road safety education and fun ways to get to school. Teaching kids to be safe and encouraging them to get out of the car and be active inspires good habits for the future.

The programme equips primary schools with tools to encourage safe behaviour, sustainable travel habits, commitment to road safety and active transport.

For a safe school travel plan to be successful the following 3 key components must be considered every step of the way: 

  • Within the curriculum - schools use student-centred, curriculum-based strategies to enhance knowledge and awareness about road safety and active transport.
  • Within the ethos and organisation - schools show commitment to road safety and active transport through their policies, school environment and culture. You could start a Travelwise student group to get some ideas flowing and build a Travelwise culture at your school.
  • Within the parents and community - schools provide and reinforce consistent, culturally-considerate road safety and active transport messages to their school community. You could start with something as simple as putting regular Travelwise messages in your newsletter and branch out into the community from there.

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Resources are available for both students and teachers. Get resources to assist with Travelwise programme planning. 

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