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Auckland Transport is responsible for the day-to-day activities that keep Auckland's transport systems moving. These include planning and funding of public transport, promoting alternative ways to get around and operating the local roading network.

Integrated and affordable public transport

  • Identify and contract public transport services on buses, trains and ferries.
  • Monitor and review existing public transport services.
  • Provide information about public transport services.
  • Upgrade train stations on Auckland’s rail network.
  • Develop bus/train interchanges, and park and ride facilities.
  • Upgrade and maintain bus stations, bus shelters and bus stops.
  • Operate and maintain the Northern Busway.
  • Manage and maintain wharves.
  • Manage contracts and services for school buses.
  • Fund concession fares for senior citizens, school children and tertiary students.
  • Fund the total mobility service and other initiatives to help people with disabilities.

Safer roads

Sustainable behaviour change

* Auckland Transport is not responsible for the region's motorways and state highways. That is the role of the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

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