Integrated Transport Assessment guidelines Integrated Transport Assessment guidelines

An Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) assesses the transport effects of a development proposal and is usually required by Auckland Council at the time of lodging a planning application under the Resource Management Act (RMA).

ITAs are also useful in informing and guiding decisions made at the early stages of a large-scale development proposal.

Using the ITA guidelines

These guidelines provide information on how an ITA should be prepared in the Auckland region and will be of assistance to all transport and planning professionals involved in urban and transport planning.

Preparing an ITA in accordance with these guidelines will ensure that matters of interest to AT as the Auckland Road Controlling Authority (RCA) and our transport partners at the NZTA and KiwiRail are appropriately addressed. This should ultimately lead to a smoother planning process for development proposals and better environmental outcomes when a proposal is advanced with Auckland Council.

AT welcomes feedback on how the guidelines are working in practice, as they will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect best practice.

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When to use these guidelines

ITAs are usually required when lodging a planning application for a large scale development under the Resource Management Act.

ITA Road Crossing

Background information

Preparing ITAs at the beginning of the planning process ensures that the relevant transport agencies are involved early.

ITA Harbour

Preparing an ITA

Guidance on how to prepare an ITA, including its purpose, scope, transport modelling and mitigation.

ITA Road Workers

Standard ITA template

A standard template for preparing an ITA to ensure it is streamlined and contains all the relevant information.



Asset Management Plan


Auckland Regional Transport Authority


Auckland Regional Transport Model


Auckland Transport


Assessment of Environmental Effects


Auckland Cycling Network


Centre-Based Transport Study


Corridor Management Plan

Connector network

The network of bus services that Auckland Transport proposes to run at 30-60 minute frequencies. Find out more about the New public transport network.

Development proposal

Any landuse development proposed under the RMA and which triggers one of the ITA triggers in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Frequent transit network (FTN)

The core network of bus or rail services which Auckland Transport proposes to run at a frequency of at least 15 minutes or less from 7am-7pm and which can be relied upon without reference to a timetable. Such services are not necessarily on their own right of way.

Future transport network

The transport network representing the existing roading, public transport and walking and cycling network plus any proposed improvements to those networks by the relevant transport agencies.


Development of currently rural land on the outskirts of the existing urban area.


Integrated Transport Assessment


Integrated Transport Programme 2012-2041


Local Government Act 2002


Local Government (Auckland) Amendment Act 2004


Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009


Level of Service


Long Term Plan


Land Transport Management Act 2003

Metropolitan urban limit (MUL)

The current boundary for urban development in Auckland. This is stipulated in the Regional Policy Statement and can only be adjusted by Council. This will be replaced by the Rural Urban Boundary under the Unitary Plan.


National Land Transport Programme


New Zealand Transport Agency


Public Transport Management Act 2008


Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

Requiring authority

Any organisation empowered by legislation to require land for a public work, including the ability to designate land under District Plans. Refer s166 of the RMA.


Regional Land Transport Plan


Regional Public Transport Plan


Road Controlling Authority


Resource Management Act 1991


Regional Policy Statement

Rapid transport network (RTN)

The highest layer in the public transport network comprising all rail services and those bus services which run at a FTN level of service, but which are provided on their own separated right of way.

Rural urban boundary (RUB)

This is a line identified on the Unitary Plan maps that sets the boundaries for greenfield development within the Auckland region over the next 30 years. The rural urban boundary may only be extended by the Council.

Site-specific proposals

Any RMA application requiring an ITA based on the identified trigger points, excluding plan changes or structure plans.


Trips Database Bureau


Traffic Impact Assessment

Trigger points

Certain timing points at which certain transport mitigation measures are required, based on gross floor area, traffic counts or other appropriate factors.