Statement on safety measures and raised crossings Statement on safety measures and raised crossings

Date: 02 February 2024

Attribute to Dean Kimpton, Auckland Transport Chief Executive

The safety of people walking and cycling is a significant concern for Auckland Transport, and we remain committed to reducing the number injured or killed on our roads each year.

We have been clear that we will continue to implement measures that save lives and reduce injury, including raised crossings. We will also prioritise safety projects where there is strong community and local board support and clear evidence that we can reduce harm.

We are very aware of concerns that the cost of delivering these safety improvements have been too high in the past, and too disruptive to our roading network. 

The process we now have in place is ensuring all safety related improvements are delivered in a more cost effective and pragmatic way. Over time this approach will deliver safety outcomes, significant financial savings and less disruption for Aucklanders.


Commitment to current projects

Our current commitments include:

  • The Pt Chevalier to Westmere improvements that are currently under construction and supported by the local boards and community. These include improved cycling and walking and stormwater upgrades. This is one of the most used pedestrian routes in Auckland, including by children going to and from school, and will be made a much safer and more appealing way for people to move. This has been delivered with a saving of $8m to date, through a focus on reducing the cost through procurement and improved construction methodology.
  • Improvements to Great North Rd between Crummer Rd and Ponsonby Rd. These are a combination of time limited buses lanes, bus priority, cycle lanes and new pedestrian crossings. Enabling works for this project are on track to be delivered on time and to budget by March, with a careful approach to traffic management minimising disruption to motorists.
  • An ongoing programme of safety improvements across our road and public transport networks
  • AT projects that follow a ‘dig once’ approach including how we work alongside work with Auckland Council Healthy Waters and other utility companies to minimise disruptions and costs to the ratepayer.


Delivering more affordable and practical safety improvements

Aucklanders expect us to deliver safety improvements in the most cost effective and least disruptive way possible. 

To that end, we review all upcoming projects to ensure we are delivering affordable and practical solutions at as little cost to ratepayers as possible, including raised pedestrian crossings. The current Pt Chevalier to Westmere improvements are a good example of this, where we have delivered $8m of savings to date, including temporary traffic management costs in the order of 5% of total project cost

Examples of how we do this include:

  • 'dig once' on all projects
  • trials of new materials and pre-cast solutions
  • combining new works with road maintenance to reduce disruption
  • limiting to 10% the cost of temporary traffic management,
  • ensuring the emphasis remains at all times on value for money.

We will not compromise safety. But we recognise a common-sense approach is needed and to ensure fit for purpose and affordable solutions. These must meet the needs of all those that walk and bike, as well as other road corridor users, and be supported by local boards, local communities and road users.

We will keep Aucklanders updated on progress. Thank you for your continued support.