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Here is some useful information, tools and resources to set up, organise and manage your Walking School Bus.

8 school children in school uniforms walking with two adult females along the footpath.
Image: Meadowbank School Walking School Bus.

Become a volunteer

Email us at walkingschoolbus@at.govt.nz to register or if you have any queries.

Volunteer duties

Sharing responsibilities

When the responsibility of getting children to and from school is shared among a group of parents, it can lead to more free time for everyone. For example, if you are 1 of 5 volunteers for your bus and you commit to operating the bus 1 morning a week, you can get to work without the stress of dropping off your child the other 4 days. This also gives you one morning to spend more time with your child and their friends.

Bikes and scooters

If there are children who want to ride bikes and scooters, you will have to assess whether you can safely manage them with those walking. If it is too challenging and safety would be compromised, you can remind children that it is a Walking School Bus (and not a riding one).

Wet weather days

Wet days are when congestion at the school gate is at its worst, so everyone benefits if the Walking School Bus operates. Ultimately, it is the volunteer who operates the bus who decides whether to operate in wet weather, so discuss this with your fellow volunteers.

Hear from our volunteers

Hear from more volunteers sharing their experiences: 

Safety guidelines for Walking School Buses and volunteers

There are some basic road safety guidelines that volunteers should follow when leading a Walking School Bus. Volunteers can read about them in the Road safety guidelines for Walking School Bus volunteers (PDF 324KB) document.

The Walking School Bus merit scheme

This scheme aims to recognise the road safety and social skills that children develop from walking on their Walking School Bus, and to encourage them to stay on the Walking School Bus longer, modelling positive walking behaviour to others.

Student leadership programme

This programme aims to strengthen safety on Walking School Buses and keep older children (Years 5 to 8) engaged and walking on their Walking School Bus longer. Student leaders can be awarded a Walking School Bus Learners, Restricted and Full licence when they have achieved the required set of skills.

Walking School Bus resources

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