Student leadership programme Student leadership programme

How to start recuiting 'student leaders' for your Walking School Bus.

Starting the student leadership programme

All Year 5 to 8 students are asked to express interest in the Student leadership programme. Depending on the school, there may be criteria around this, eg the student will have to complete 2 Walking School Bus tickets.

We will set up a lunch time workshop (approximately 20 minutes), where we cover:

  • The student leader licence process.
  • The role and responsibilities of the students, parents and Auckland Transport.
  • The Learners licence – students discuss what each skill involves.
  • Road safety discussion eg what the road safety issues are in your area.
  • Leadership – what is expected of them as role models.
  • Activity ideas – students are encouraged to come up with some ideas to keep others entertained on the Walking School Bus. However, these cannot take away from road safety while walking.
  • Resources students receive:
    • Learner licence in a clear pocket with a lanyard,
    • a fluoro vest (that they must wear)
    • and a mini first aid kit.
  • The school community officer may also attend.

Find out the benefits of the Student leadership programme.

Student leader licence process

For the student leader license process, students graduate to each different level depending on their ability to demonstrate the skills needed.

Learner licence

  • Students start with their Learner licence.
  • The parents/grandparents/caregivers that are in charge of the Walking School Bus sign each of these off when they are confident the student is reliably demonstrating each skill.
  • Students could be working on the Learner licence for approximately 10 weeks depending on how long they have been walking on a Walking School Bus and how often they walk.
  • They are to be achieved one at a time.

Restricted licence

  • Once all Learner licence skills are complete the student gets their Restricted licence.
  • Students could be working on their Restricted licence for approximately 6 to 10 weeks depending on how often they walk on the Walking School Bus.
  • If they continue to show excellent skills they get that signed off by the adult in charge.

Full licence

  • If students successfully pass their Restricted licence they receive their Full licence.
  • They are issued with a student leader badge.
  • We recommend these students are recognised at assembly for their achievement and invite the local police constable or school community officer.

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