Victoria Street Cycleway Victoria Street Cycleway

We have created a safe, separated cycleway along each side of Victoria Street West, from Beaumont Street to Nelson Street. 

Project status: Construction.
Project zone: Central.

Project overview

Victoria Street Cycleway

Victoria Street Cycleway begins at the bottom of College Hill and runs along Victoria Street West until Nelson Street, connecting with the existing cycleways on Nelson Street and Franklin Road. 

Completed in late 2020, the Victoria Street Cycleway links the city centre, Victoria Park, and other key destinations. 

March 2022 update  

Union Street remediation work: Construction work began in February 2022 to reposition the cycle lane onto the raised table at the entrance to Union Street to provide a better experience for people on bikes. This work is almost complete.  

The project team can be contacted via the email if there are questions or other updates related to the project.  

Route map

Map of the Cycle lanes in the city


As Auckland’s population increases and more cars join the road network, we are working on finding ways to make it easier and safer for people to walk and use other active modes of travel like riding bikes and e-scooters. The Victoria Street cycleway connects with the wider cycle network and encourages more children and adults to get on bikes – getting cars off the road.

Following a study of options, Victoria Street West was chosen as the best route to improve bike access into and through the city centre. It is not as steep and will in the future have less bus traffic than nearby streets.

Before construction of Victoria Street Cycleway, there were no bike lanes along this route, which is home to shops, workplaces, education, public spaces, and public transport.

Across Auckland, as part of a Vision Zero and Safe System approach, we are working to create a more ‘forgiving’ road network that recognises people sometimes make mistakes, but the consequences don’t have to be devastating. This involves improving safety on our roads where there are large amounts of people walking and on bikes – like in the city centre.

Project features

  • All bus stops have stayed in the same general locations. We have painted the cycleway red where it goes past bus stops. This is so that people on bikes know to slow down.
  • We have installed speed cushions (small speed humps) outside driveways, where cars need to cross the cycleway. Speed cushions help to keep pedestrians and people on bikes safe. Speed Cushions are already in place on Nelson Street Cycleway.
  • We have added a new loading zone at 152-156 Victoria Street west.
  • We have removed three slip lanes at the Victoria/Wellesley/Halsey Street intersection, making it safer for people walking and people on bikes.


We carried out public consultation in 2017. We received 342 submissions. The majority of people who submitted were supportive of the cycleway.  

Download the Victoria Street Cycleway feedback report (PDF 2MB, 51 pages). 

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