Rodney Street, Wellsford footpath Rodney Street, Wellsford footpath

Auckland Transport is planning to construct a new footpath between Rodney Street and Centennial Park Road in Wellsford.

Proposal status: Design

Project overview

Rodney Street is a busy stretch of highway with residential and commercial properties on either side. Nearby is Centennial Park, a popular sporting, recreational and community hub. Currently there is no safe facility linking pedestrians between Rodney Street and Centennial Park Road.

The existing footpath ends outside 68 Rodney Street on the eastern side of the street. Pedestrians must use the western side of the road, crossing Rodney Street twice to access Centennial Park Road and the park grounds.

The project is funded by the Rodney Transport Targeted Rate. One key objective of the fund is to add vital pieces of infrastructure to expand the footpath network in your area, making it safer and easier for people to get around.

Proposal for Rodney Street footpath

  • Install a 1.8m-wide* footpath from outside 68 Rodney Street (where the current footpath ends) to Centennial Park Road along the eastern side the highway.

    *Note – the footpath alignment and width varies from 1.5m to 1.9m in some areas to avoid steep gradients and trees.
  • Build a new, dedicated footbridge east of the vehicle overbridge to complete the footpath link over the railway tracks to Centennial Park Road.

We will arrange to survey each of the affected properties and discuss plans with property owners to provide safe vehicle accessways over the berm and the new footpath.

Download the proposal drawing for the Rodney Street footpath (PDF 5.71MB).

Project timings

Our contractors will visit and speak directly with property owners where vehicle accessways and fence lines are affected in mid 2022.

Construction of the footpath, footbridge and other supporting works is scheduled for early 2023.

Feedback on this proposal

If have any questions or concerns you would like to raise before we finalise our plans, please contact us before 5pm Thursday 30 June 2022.

Next steps

We will share the final design and details about the constructions phase early 2023.