Connected Communities Connected Communities

More options to move more people 

Connected Communities is a new way of doing things and has the potential to transform central Auckland, providing more transport options across the isthmus.

Auckland is growing fast and, as the population continues to increase, journey times along busy routes such as New North Road and other corridors are getting longer.

Prior to this project, Auckland Transport made changes, such as better bus services, as isolated projects.

With this project we will be looking to join options together and make improvements at one time. The focus is on major routes, or corridors, which connect communities, but which can be more efficient and provide more travel options.

Planning was affected by the emergence of Covid-19 in 2020, and the programme was suspended accordingly but recommenced early in 2021.

The corridors follow some of the busiest bus routes extending from the city centre and the improvements will strengthen the community centres such as Kingsland village at the same time, to reflect and reinforce their unique character.

There are 12 corridors identified for improvement, and the current focus is on these routes: New North Road Corridor, Manukau Road Corridor, Mt Eden Corridor and Ellerslie-Panmure Corridor.

  • The New North Road Corridor includes the Learning Quarter, Uptown (including Symonds Street), Kingsland, Morningside, St Lukes, Mount Albert, and Avondale.
  • The Manukau Corridor includes Manukau Road, Grafton Bridge, Park Rd, Khyber Pass Rd, Broadway, Manukau Rd, Royal Oak to Onehunga.
  • The Mount Eden Corridor includes Uptown, Mt Eden Village and Three Kings and Hillsborough.
  • The Ellerslie-Panmure corridor includes Ellerslie and Pakuranga.

Currently, we are investigating options, and the outline of potential solutions that could be taken in each corridor is still being examined, with Community Collaboration Panels being a part of final decisions.

However, the improvements are likely to include:

  • more travel options
  • safer streets
  • improved town centres
  • mode shift
  • improved bus services

The programme forms part of the wider group of interconnected infrastructure and operational projects which includes the City Rail Link, Eastern Busway, city-wide safety improvements, Customer Experience, and the Urban Cycleways Programme.

Together, they aim to transform Auckland’s transport network into one that can truly serve a growing, world-class city by creating more options for travelling around.

For more about Connected Communities and the New North Road upgrade, visit our Virtual Engagement Room.

A map of the Connected Communities programme
Connected Communities programme map