Mooring licence Mooring licence

Rules and responsibilities for mooring licence holders, and how to cancel your mooring site licence.

Rules for mooring licence holders

Occupying a mooring

  • The vessel on the mooring must comply with the terms and conditions of the mooring licence.
  • You must not occupy anyone else's mooring unless you have prior approval from the mooring owner and permission from the Harbourmaster's office.
  • You must notify the Harbourmaster in writing if you wish to change the boat specified on the mooring licence.
  • If your mooring site is to be unoccupied for a period greater than six months, written approval is required by the Harbourmaster. Due to high demand for moorings in some areas, the mooring must be used on a regular basis.
  • If a mooring site is not used for six months or more, the licence could be revoked. Written notification is sent out prior to the licence being revoked.


  • The mooring licence holder is responsible for vessel seaworthiness.
  • You must maintain your mooring hardware in a safe and efficient condition. This requires the mooring tackle to be lifted and every component checked and serviced on a two or three year cycle. The Harbourmaster will request a mooring inspection certificate from the mooring licence holder, to be obtained from a mooring service provider. See Mooring inspections & service providers.

Did you know?

You can also wash the hull of your vessel regularly to minimise the risk of the Mediterranean fanworm.

More information about marine pest management is available on the Ministry of Primary Industries website.

Cancelling your mooring site licence

If you wish to cancel your mooring licence let us know in writing via email or post, or return your invoice.

Please note: The mooring licence holder is responsible for the removal of the mooring hardware.

Option 1: Email

Notify us you wish to cancel your mooring licence by emailing us at

Option 2: Post

Provide written notice by post at:

Harbourmaster's office
Attention: Moorings team
Auckland Transport
Private Bag 92250
Auckland 1142

Return your invoice

Alternatively, you can return your mooring annual fees invoice using the above options. Include on the invoice:

  1. written notification that you wish to cancel the licence
  2. your signature (is required).

Pirating - unauthorised occupation of a mooring

If a vessel is occupying your mooring and is not authorised to do so, please contact the Harbourmaster's office in the first instance.