Cycling safety & scooter skills Cycling safety & scooter skills

Many rural children own bicycles and scooters. Rural children cycling on rural roads face danger from high speed traffic and need to understand the importance of being visible.

We can come to your school for a cycling safety session

We can tailor a cycling safety session to meet the needs of your school community – this could include helmet checks, bike maintenance training and cycle safety training. It is important to remember that rural students often visit urban areas during their holidays/weekends and they need to learn safety messages even though they cannot ride or scooter to school. We can also help to run fun wheels days at your school where we can promote safety messages while having fun!

We can come to your school for a scooter skills session

Scootering is increasingly popular and many students have scooters at home even though they cannot scooter to school. We can run a scooter skills session that focuses on safety. We also have scooter ‘kits’ available that schools may book to run their own scooter event – each kit contains an adult scooter, cones, a sneaky driveway mat, a pedestrian crossing mat, photographs and a lesson plan.

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