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How Eden Park permits work

Eden Park parking permits and passes let you park on the street and get to your property during temporary road closures around the stadium.

Residents and businesses can apply for

Parking permits

Apply for up to 2 vehicles registered to your address. Permits are now digital, with a new application process.

Apply for an Eden Park permit.

Visitor and access passes

You can also apply separately for these physical passes you display in your vehicle. 

  • 1 one-day visitor pass to give a guest on-street parking
  • up to 4 access passes to let your vehicle through road closures - you may need these in addition to your permit.


If you live or have a business in an eligible street in the Eden Park area you can apply for permits and passes.

Note: tenants are eligible, but absent property owners are not.

Cost and expiry date

All Eden Park parking permits and access passes are free and valid for 5 years. Keep your physical passes for use during all events.

Note: Resident parking permits are different and need to be renewed annually. Each resident parking zone has a set date for renewal.

Apply for an Eden Park permit (6 steps)

Before applying you will need:

An AT Park account

To apply for a permit, you need an AT Park account, which you set up through MyAT, see step 2.

Proof of address

You will need to upload a digital version of a document to prove you live at your property. It must include your full name, address, date of issue and be a JPG, PDF or doc file no bigger than 2MB.

We accept:

  • a full power, internet or other utility bill, dated within the last 2 months
  • a letter from a power or internet provider stating that you have signed up with them (if you moved in less than 2 months ago)
  • a current fixed-term tenancy agreement signed by you and your landlord
  • a letter from a landlord or head tenant stating that you live at the address (Along with the Landlord/ Head Tenants recent proof of address document)
  • an electoral roll letter less than 3 months old.

We can’t accept:

  • water or rates bills
  • bank statements or documents
  • property documents, such as title papers or sales and purchase agreements.

A vehicle registered to your address with Waka Kotahi NZTA

Your vehicle must be registered to your property with Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA).

To update the registered address of your vehicle you can:

You don’t need to change the ownership or mailing address of the vehicle.

A letter of permission if the vehicle is not under your name

If your vehicle is not registered under your name, you need a letter of permission from the owner.

If your vehicle is registered to your employer you need to provide proof of employment, such as a letter from your human resources department or manager stating that the vehicle is being kept at your address.

Attach these letters as a supporting document to your application.

To read the terms and conditions

You will need to confirm you have read the terms and conditions.

Set up an AT Park account

Log in to MyAT or create a MyAT account if you don't have one already.

1. Click on ‘AT Park’

2. Click on ‘Parking permits’

3. Click the button to register for AT Park

4. Complete the AT Park registration form

You will need a credit or debit card. Eden Park permits are free, but you may want to buy other permits in future.

Log in to your parking account

Access your AT Park account through MyAT.

You can save your application at any time and log in later to finish it.

Select Eden Park permit

From the left-hand menu, choose 'Eden Park'.

Complete the application form

If applying for multiple vehicles, you need to fill in a form for each one.

After you’ve submitted your application

We will contact you within 10 working days to let you know if your digital permit has been granted.

Note: Your parking permit is not valid until you receive a confirmation email.

Notice before events

Eden Park stadium will drop a leaflet in your letterbox telling you about upcoming parking restrictions or road closures. Temporary parking and road closure signs are displayed at least 24 hours before an event.

Where you can park

You must have a valid Eden Park resident permit to park in the restricted area around the stadium. The area changes for each event.

You can park in any of the streets that are not required for traffic management. Traffic management areas are clearly signposted. If you park in them your vehicle may be towed.

Resident parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enforcement and illegal parking

Parking restrictions are enforced up to 3 hours before the event and 1 hour afterwards. Parking officers keep the roads clear and ensure everyone complies with the rules.

If you see an illegally parked vehicle, contact us for help.

Temporary permits at short notice

If you need a permit quickly, you can get a temporary one from Eden Park for certain events.

Permits are available from Gate G, on weekdays between 8am and 5pm. You must bring proof of your address dated within the last 2 months.

For more information phone Eden Park on 09 815 5551.

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