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What is car share?

Car share is a model of car rental where people rent a vehicle for short periods of time (usually by the hour). This means that people do not need to own their own vehicle. Under a typical car share business model, membership enables access to a fleet of vehicles which are located across a given area. Members are then able to rent cars for a period of time, from a location that is convenient for them.

Car share provides greater flexibility over shorter distances than traditional car rentals and operates much like e-scooters. Members unlock cars parked around town using a smartphone or website and take them where they need to go.

Benefits of car share in Auckland

  • Research has shown that a single car share vehicle can replace between 3 to 15 private vehicles that would otherwise compete for local road space and parking.
  • Sharing vehicles increases the efficiency of car-based travel, reducing costs to households and the city overall.

Benefits for customers

  • Car share provides a convenient alternative to the expense of owning and maintaining a private vehicle.
  • Operators often offer a single rate to cover all the expenses of using a vehicle, including the parking costs.
  • Convenient access is provided via a smartphone or website.
  • Approved car share vehicles have parking privileges in busy areas of the city which encourages their use.

Auckland Transport car share policy and framework

Auckland Transport (AT) sees the benefit of providing opportunities for sharing vehicles for certain trips.

Car Share is governed by the Car Share Policy in Room to Move: Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s Parking Strategy. The AT Shared Vehicle Car Share Framework sits under this policy and has been developed to enable multiple operators to compete in the Auckland market, which increases transport options for those who need them.

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