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The City Rail Link (CRL) is a rail project currently under construction. It involves the building of a 3.45 km long tunnel underneath Auckland's city centre, between Britomart and Mt Eden stations.

Project Status: Under Construction
Project Zone: Central

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Project summary

The City Rail Link is being delivered by City Rail Link Ltd (CRLL), a crown entity owned by the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council.

This 3.45km underground rail link will unlock our public transport network and transform how we travel around our city. When the CRL opens, Aucklanders will have new, world-class stations and a modern rail service that will benefit the entire transport network for decades to come.

With the opening of the CRL, Britomart Station will no longer be a dead-end stop. Instead, it will become a two-way through station. This will double the capacity of the entire rail network, allowing it to carry up to 54,000 passengers an hour at peak times.

Two new stations are being built. One, underneath Wellesley and Victoria Streets, is provisionally named Aotea Station. The other is just off Karangahape Road, with entrances at both Mercury Lane and Beresford Square, and is provisionally named Karangahape Station. 

The CRL will connect to the Western Line at a redeveloped Mt Eden Station - less than 10 minutes from downtown Auckland - opening the entire rail network.

CRLL is due to complete construction of the CRL and hand it over to AT in late 2024. AT will then be responsible for operating rail services through the tunnel. 

Disruptions during construction

Building the City Rail Link in the middle of a built-up city is no small task and is not without its impacts.

We are working closely with CRLL to reduce disruptions and keep Aucklanders moving.

Mt Eden Station Closure

Mt Eden train station will be redeveloped into a modern new station building. Mt Eden station is closed from July 2020 until the CRL project is complete. 

Western Line train services will not stop at the station during this time. Find out more about travel alternatives during the closure, including the free 64 bus service.

Victoria & Albert Street intersection closure

The intersection of Victoria Street and Albert Street has closed to vehicle traffic while Aotea Station is constructed. The intersection will be closed to vehicles until mid-2023, but will always remain open to people walking or cycling.

AT is responsible for making sure that the city keeps moving. This includes changes to several bus routes and driving in the city centre. 

Find out more about these changes.