Bus stop text service Bus stop text service

You can receive bus arrival information for your bus stop by texting the bus stop number to 3666.

Using the bus stop text service

Simply text your 4-digit bus stop number to 3666 to receive bus arrival information for your stop.

Each text response received costs 20 cents (including GST) charged to your mobile phone account.

Where to find your bus stop number

Your 4-digit bus stop number can usually be found displayed on bus stop poles or timetable information posters.

If you do not know your bus stop number or cannot find one at your bus stop, use the Find my stop or station map.

How to read the bus stop text response

The bus arrival information in the text message will appear as real time information shown in minutes.

If real time is not available for that service, the information will appear as scheduled time shown in a 24 hour clock format. The message may come in the format of shortened words/text.

Mobile phone screenshot of a bus stop text response for stop number 8226 at 9:10am

BusStp 8226@09:10, OUT WESTMERE 09:20 7 mins, 22N NEW LYNN 09:22 13mins, OUT WESTMERE 09:32 12 mins, 22R ROSEBANK RD 09:37 22 mins

The above text response translates as:

  • Bus stop number 8226 was texted at 9:10am.
  • At 9:20am, Route OuterLink to Westmere is scheduled to arrive at this stop. According to the real time information, the OuterLink is approximately 7 minutes away.
  • 'Scheduled Time' is shown next to the route and uses the 24 hour clock format.
  • 'Real Time' is shown as the number of minutes before bus arrival e.g. 7 mins.

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