AT Metro patronage report AT Metro patronage report

AT Metro patronage data is used to monitor current public transport use, trends and measure growth.

AT Metro patronage daily report

Daily patronage report updated each week on Monday.

Download daily patronage report (XLSX 32KB)

Last updated 11 September 2023.

AT Metro patronage data

Download monthly patronage data from July 2005 to July 2023 (XLSX 28KB)

Last updated 11 August 2023.

AT Metro patronage monthly report

The report is a regular monthly update on the annual public transport patronage change in Auckland. This report looks at current patronage, trends and annual forecasts against targets, and provides an overview of initiatives to drive growth over the coming months.

You can read the report as part of the Auckland Transport (Monthly) Indicators report published as part of the board reports.

AT Metro bus performance report

This report contains data on:

  • boarding
  • boardings per service hour
  • punctuality
  • reliability
  • route changes

for all bus services provided by AT.

This report does not contain data on school services, buses-replace-trains services, special event services, or exempt services.

Last updated 17 August 2023.

Bus performance report on Route 64 

Route 64 is a free bus route that was introduced when the Mt Eden Station closed for approximately 4 years for its redevelopment. The 64 bus service will offer a replacement public transport option for people travelling to and from Mt Eden Station when the station is closed.

Download the patronage report for Route 64 from 5 July 2020 to 30 April 2021 (PDF 528KB)

Last updated 29 March 2023.