Hobsonville Road Cycleway Hobsonville Road Cycleway

Auckland Transport is working to deliver a connected safe cycle network across Auckland. The Hobsonville Road Cycleway will provide safer access for cyclists to the Hobsonville Ferry Terminal and the new bus interchange at Westgate serving the Western Express.

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About the project

Funding has been allocated from the Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate (CATTR) to deliver a cycleway along Hobsonville Road. The CATTR rate provides funding for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of transport on climate change.

Hobsonville Road is an important connection for the cycle network, linking up cyclists to the north and to the west, including the Northwestern Path to the City Centre and beyond. It also links local users to bus stations, ferry terminals, schools, businesses and retail or entertainment. 

The cycleway will provide safer access for cyclists to the Hobsonville Ferry Terminal and the Northwest bus station at Westgate which will serve local services and the Western Express. From later this year, buses will run between Westgate and the City Centre every 7-8 minutes during peak periods.

Future investment for Hobsonville Road

Te Tupu Ngātahi Supporting Growth is planning for long term transport Investment in North West Auckland growth areas including Hobsonville and Whenuapai. Hobsonville Road is identified as a future strategic transport corridor and planning has been undertaken to protect land for future implementation of the required strategic corridor. A Notice of Requirement (NoR) was lodged by Auckland Transport on 19 December 2022 to alter the existing road widening designation on Hobsonville Road. More information on this can be found on the Auckland Council website.

The objective for the Hobsonville Road designation is to enable the provision of a transport corridor that:

  • improves connectivity along the corridor to Whenuapai and to Westgate
  • integrates with and supports planned urban growth and the future transport network in Whenuapai
  • provides options for people who want to travel by bike, bus or by walking
  • is safe for all users
  • provides for the growth of the population in the area

The cycleway project is part of transitioning Hobsonville Road in providing dedicated facilities for those who want to cycle and make it safe for all users.

Map showing the aerial view of where the Hobsonville Road Cycleway will go, plus links to existing cycleways.

Map of proposed cycleway and surrounding connections.

Protected cycleways

Auckland Transport is prioritising the implementation of protected cycleways, with some form of physical separation between traffic and people on bikes or micro- mobility – such as e-scooters. This provides a safer option for those who are concerned about riding in traffic.

The cycleway along Hobsonville Road will include some form of separation. As a part of our consultation process we would like to hear from the community about what type(s) of separation would work best along this route.

Artists impression of the cycleway, featuring the cyclr lanes on either side of the road protected by separators.

Artist impression of proposed cycleway featuring cycleway separators, one of the proposed options.

The cycleway will be on both sides of the road

While we were working on a design for this cycleway, we talked to representatives of the local community and cycle community about the option of a two-way cycleway on one side of the road. A number of safety concerns were raised about a two-way cycleway including the potential of it being confusing for drivers coming out of side roads and driveways. This design would have required AT to signalise a lot of the intersections, and could cause traffic delays for drivers.

The cycleway will be built between the existing kerbs

Te Tupu Ngātahi – Supporting Growth alliance have a long term plan for Hobsonville Road which includes significant upgrades to the width of Hobsonville Road. This is likely to be 10 to 15 years away. The cycleway we are currently designing will be built between the existing kerb lines. We are not planning to widen the road and will not need to disrupt the current services such as power, fibre, water and stormwater in the berm space.

Hobsonville Road is an arterial road. Most arterial roads have little or no on-street parking in order to keep the route working efficiently for the movement of people.  Arterial roads are also important connections for bus routes, emergency services, cyclists, other vehicles and pedestrians. The proposal currently suggests the safest and most efficient option is to repurpose most of the on-street parking on Hobsonville Road. 

Artist impression of safety treatment to side road intersections. With three people riding their bikes on the cycleway.

Artist impression of safety treatment to side road intersections.

Safety improvements

In order to make it safe for all those using Hobsonville Road, and for cyclists to get safely through intersections, we are also proposing some changes along the route to improve safety. This could include

  • changes to the layout of some intersections including some raised speed tables
  • investigating signalising Brigham Creek, Trig Road, and Luckens Road intersections
  • new pedestrian crossings
  • changes to waiting areas at bus stops

We would like to hear your feedback on the proposed changes.

Example of how a bus stop is integrated into the design

Example of how a bus stop is integrated into the design.

Download the concept design of the proposal for consultation (PDF 30.4MB)

Kōrero mai – Have your say

Auckland Transport consulted on this proposal from 6 June to 30 June 2023 and received 469 submissions.

The consultation asked for feedback on details of the cycleway design, including the type of cycleway separator, intersection improvements, proposed crossing locations, reallocation of flush median and kerb side space, and the location of bike parking.

A detailed account of the feedback received is included in this report.

What happens next?

We will use all the feedback received to inform the preliminary design for the Hobsonville Road Cycleway. Once the design has been confirmed we will share the updated design on website.

How can you be involved?

Alongside investment in cycling infrastructure, AT will invest in a range of initiatives to help build cycling capability in the community. Similar initiatives have been used successfully in close collaboration with communities across Tāmaki Makaurau.

This may include

  • bike skills and safety training
  • bike trial or loan schemes
  • bike-to-school programmes

We're seeking local people to be involved in helping plan the initiatives that best suit local needs - with the potential also to be involved in helping deliver them within the local community.

If you'd like to be involved - or want to find out more - please contact us at cyclingevents@at.govt.nz 

Project timeline

Late 2022-November 2023 – Investigation (Scheme Assessment and Preliminary Design)

June-2023 – Public engagement and consultation

Late 2023-Mid 2024 – Detailed design

Late-2024 – Start construction.