Vaughans Road, Okura – Temporary Short-term Closure Vaughans Road, Okura – Temporary Short-term Closure

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Project Update

  • Construction works began on the temporary road closure and turning areas, late September 2023.
    Turning areas under construction


Vaughans Road is a rural road with a current usage of 650 vehicles/day on average. The connection between Vaughans Road and Te Oneroa Way is expected to be complete by the end of August 2023 or early September 2023. We anticipate that the number of vehicles per day could increase to 3000 (approximately).

We’re planning some work in your area

Our assessment of Vaughans Road is that would not be fit to serve this increased volume of traffic in its current state. For this reason, we are planning to temporary close Vaughans Road before it is connected to Te Oneroa Way. This is anticipated to be a short-term measure while we investigate long-term options to make Vaughans Road safe for increased levels of traffic.

We are temporarily closing Vaughans Road at 189 Vaughans Road.

Download the proposal drawing (PDF 1.24MB)

What happens next

The timing of implementing the temporary closure (18-24 months) is dependent on the completion of the development on the corner of Vaughans Rd and Te Oneroa Way. We are anticipating that this development will be completed by late September 2023.

Each side of the temporary closure will be designed and constructed with space for vehicles to turn around safely, although vehicle through access will not be allowed. Please note that the timing of implementing the temporary closure is dependent on the completion of the development on the corner of Vaughans Rd and Te Oneroa Way.

The temporary short-term closure will remain in place until sufficient localised widening and road improvement works have been implemented to a level that will safely accommodate the increased traffic volumes.

If there are any changes to this, we will keep you updated.

These changes will limit the road usage and enable us to monitor the road activity.

Some maintenance work is planned in the near future for Vaughans Road. We are working on a long-term solution to better serve the increased volume that this connection with Te Oneroa Road will bring.

Vaughans Road and Okura River Road Intersection changes

We will be making changes to this intersection to make it clear to drivers that they need to Give Way when entering from Vaughans Road. 

We will be making these changes by the start of November 2023.

Glenvar Road Slip Repair

Glenvar Road was closed due to damage caused in the extreme weather events of early 2023. Glenvar Road is one of the key access roads to the area. 

AT and Fulton Hogan have faced a few challenges on this site but the works are now ahead of schedule. We know this route is important to the community based in the Long Bay area. We have been using as many resources as we can access to move the work forward.

Our new target opening date for Glenvar Road is 27 October 2023.

When we open the road, we will be removing all the traffic management from the detour route. 

More information and any further updates can be found here.