Rosedale Busway Station Rosedale Busway Station

In 2024, we’ll begin to build a new bus station, located at Rosedale. The new bus station will help more people to travel between Rosedale and the CBD, Takapuna, Albany and the Hibiscus Coast by connecting people and businesses with reliable rapid public transport as well as improved walking and cycling options.

Project status: Pre-construction
Project zone: North

Project overview

AT’s new bus station, located at Rosedale, will connect more people and businesses with the popular northern busway and deliver better public transport, walking and cycling options to and from Rosedale.

With approximately 5,200 people working within walking distance of the new station location, the station is expected to deliver reliable and accessible options to travel to work, recreation and education for over 4000 people every day.

Funding for the new station comes from Auckland Council and Waka Kotahi’s Public Transport Infrastructure funding programme.

Project details


  • The new station will connect the Northern Busway and local bus services offering reliable options for getting to and from Rosedale/Albany.
  • The station design integrates cycling facilities and connections to local walking and cycling paths to give Aucklanders more choice when travelling.
  • We’ll improve traffic flows along busy Rosedale Road by building dedicated bus lanes separating bus stops from local traffic between Tawa and Triton Drive
  • The station will deliver reliable and accessible public transport services for over 4000 people per day and provide more options to travel to work for over 5000 people working within walking distance of the station location.


The multi-story station will be accessed from Rosedale Road and Arrenway Drive. The design includes local service bus stops on Rosedale Road separated from traffic lanes, drop-off and pick-up areas and dedicated parking spaces for operational and mobility access car parks.

The new busway station will also include a range of planting and landscaping features using native plants as much as possible. We are working in partnership with mana whenua to ensure features and artwork at the station reflect the history of this area.

Aerial view of the Rosedale Busway Station.

View of Rosedale Busway Station from the street under it.

View of street and Rosedale Bus Station bus stop


People can access the station by foot, bike lane and local buses, which will have increased frequency and additional routes once the station opens. Undercover secure bike parking facilities have been incorporated into the design.

After thorough investigation and consultation with residents and businesses, we elected not to include a Park and Ride facility at the new station as we do not want to attract more cars into the already busy Rosedale area. Closer to station opening we will work with residents and businesses to design a parking solution for nearby streets, so the station does not increase congestion in the area.

Supporting upgrades to Rosedale Road

To make sure it’s easy and safe to get to and from the new station, we’re undertaking some improvements to Rosedale Road between Tawa and Triton Drives.

Those upgrades include

  • Improving traffic flows along Rosedale Road by building a bus lane between Tawa and Triton Drive
  • Making it safer for people to walk to and from the station by installing traffic lights and pedestrian crossings on the Tawa Dr and Triton Dr intersections with Rosedale Road.
  • Providing safe ways for people to access the station via new separated walking and cycling paths on Rosedale Road between Tawa Drive and Triton Drive.

Project timeline

December 2017: Concept design for new station unveiled

January to March 2018: Public and stakeholder consultation

October 2018: AT and Waka Kotahi confirm initial funding

September 2020: Resource Consent granted for new station and Rosedale Road upgrades

April 2021: AT and Waka Kotahi confirm final funding

May 2022: NCI Alliance completes busway bridge and retaining wall for Rosedale Bus Station.

June 2023: Project handed over to AT for construction

Late 2023: AT completes final construction designs and obtains consents

Early 2024: AT opens tender for construction partner

Mid 2024: Construction begins

Mid 2025: AT to consult with public and businesses regarding on-street parking

Mid 2026: New station opens

Public feedback

We asked businesses, local representatives and members of the public for their thoughts on the new station’s design between 29 January and 16 March 2018. You can read the feedback we received and the changes we made following your feedback in the consultation report. 

Download the complete consultation report (PDF 2.5MB).