Ticket & top-up machines Ticket & top-up machines

Ticket and top-up machines are located at all train stations and on the Northern busway. Use them to top up your AT HOP card or buy a single-trip ticket for train travel.

About ticket and top-up machines

Customers using a ticket and top-up machine

  • Most machines accept cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or EFTPOS.
  • Machines will not issue change that is more than $20.
  • Machines at train stations are only to top-up your AT HOP card or purchasing single-trip paper tickets for trains.
  • If you are travelling from a station on one line to a station on a different line, your single-trip paper ticket will show the total fare based on two separate trips. The machines are able to calculate the correct fare without having to issue separate tickets.

How to top up your AT HOP card using a machine

  1. First place your AT HOP card into the reader.
  2. Select HOP money top up and the amount, then confirm.
  3. Select method of payment:
    • If using card for payment, follow the instructions on the card reader screen.
    • If using cash, insert notes or coins.
  4. Remove your AT HOP card from the reader.
  5. Select print receipt and collect receipt.

How to buy a single-trip ticket from a machine

You need to know

  1. Select 'Purchase ticket(s)' to start.
  2. Select your destination:
    • Type the first letters of your destination or use the arrows to browse through the destinations.
  3. Select the type and number of tickets:
    • Adult, secondary, child or accessible
    • There is no tertiary or SuperGold discount for single trip paper tickets, customers will need to purchase an adult ticket if travelling without an AT HOP card
  4. Select 'Confirm' and proceed to payment.

View an example of a single-trip ticket.

Please note: Adult fares still apply from 1 May, even if the customer type shows ‘Youth 16–24’ at ticket and top-up machines and on AT HOP receipts.

Claims receipt - issued when the machine isn't working

A ticket and top-up machine will issue a claims receipt if it is unable to dispense your ticket or provide your change (machines can only issue a maximum of $20 change).

If you are issued a claims receipt

You will need to have this stamped at an AT customer service centre. A claims receipts cannot be refunded at an AT customer service centre without a stamp.

If you are unable to go to visit an AT customer service centre, you will need to contact us to arrange posting your claims receipt.

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