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About Fareshare

If you work for an organisation enrolled in Fareshare, you can save on public transport when you travel to and from work using Auckland Transport (AT) services.

Once Fareshare is loaded onto your AT HOP card, you will pay a reduced fare on eligible journeys. Your employer pays the difference.

Your employer can choose to subsidise 25%, 50% or 75% of AT travel from either Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday.

Who is eligible

You can apply for Fareshare if:

  • your employer is enrolled in AT’s Fareshare scheme
  • you have a valid work email address
  • you have a HOP card registered to your MyAT account.

Register your HOP card

How to apply

You will need:

  1. a MyAT account
  2. a registered HOP card
  3. the latest version of the Microsoft Authenticator app downloaded on your phone
  4. access to your work email inbox
  5. the following links from your employer:
    • Verify your employee status
    • Apply for Fareshare through MyAT.

Hint: The application process is easier if you use both your desktop computer and your phone.

Step 1: Complete the Corporate Membership Verification process on Credibil. Use your work email address and the verification link provided by your employer to add your credential to Credibil.

Step 2: Use to set up your Fareshare discount on MyAT. Your discount will take up to 5 business days to activate.

Note: You must be the primary MyAT account holder to apply for Fareshare. If you have a linked account, you will need to buy a HOP card and register it your own account before applying for Fareshare.

For more information, please contact your employer or AT.

Contact AT

If you have questions about applying for Fareshare, we’re happy to help.

  • Contact us online (Select AT HOP > Request for information > Concessions > Fareshare)

Screen shot showing enquiry options, with Fareshare employer subsidy option highlighted in a box

Customer Contact Centre hours are Monday to Friday, 6am to 8pm. Weekends and public Holidays, 8am to 6:30pm. 

How Fareshare works

Depending on the option your employer has chosen, your Fareshare discount will apply on weekdays only or 7 days a week.

You can view your Fareshare discount rate in your MyAT account, under My products.

Screen shot of user account screen with Fareshare discount rate shown on HOP card

You must use your HOP card to get your Fareshare discount, valid on any AT public transport other than Waiheke Island ferries.

Your Fareshare discount applies as long as you work for your current Fareshare-enrolled employer and they continue to offer this employee benefit.

If you leave the organisation, your employer will let AT know and Fareshare will be removed from your HOP card. If you no longer want Fareshare on your HOP card, you can ask your employer to remove you from Fareshare.

If your Fareshare-registered HOP card is lost, stolen or expired, you will need to cancel it, buy a new card and then apply for Fareshare on your new card.

Fareshare terms of use

Fareshare cannot be used in conjunction with any other AT concession or discounted fare. Enrolling in Fareshare will override any existing concessions on your chosen HOP card.

You can hold only one HOP card loaded with a Fareshare concession, but if you’re eligible for multiple concessions, you load those concessions onto other HOP cards.

Fareshare concessions do not apply to monthly passes or the daily fare cap. Find out if a monthly pass is right for you.

AT HOP card terms of use