Laingholm Drive slip Laingholm Drive slip

A section of Laingholm drive was closed due to a road slip which occurred the weekend of 11 June 2022. Check this page for updates on the progress of repair work.

Titirangi: Bus route diversions

19 April 2023

Laingholm Drive is now open to the public.

Ngā mihi for your patience.

The following are some views of Laingholm Drive after completion of roadworks. 

A view of Laingholm Drive after completion of roadworks.

3 April 2023

Retaining wall on Laingholm Dirve

We’d like to update the community on the progress with the retaining wall at the slip on a section of Laingholm drive.

We’ve finished building the retaining wall and the water main has been replaced. The team are currently working on completing the footpath, handrail and the road, and should be completed within 2 weeks, weather permitting.

The work was scheduled to start early February; however the flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle slowed construction.

Image shows construction of the footpath, handrail and road on Laingholm Drive.

25 January 2023

Where Start date Hours of work Duration
102 Laingholm Drive, Laingholm, Auckland 31 January 2023 7am to 7pm Approximately 9 weeks

We’ll do our best to start the work on time. Factors such as wet weather could mean a delay.

5 December 2022

Ventia, on behalf of Auckland Transport, are building a retaining wall on Laingholm drive.

The work will involve:

  • removing the slipped material and building a platform for the wall
  • 27 x 12m-long steel I beams will be concreted in place along the approximate 30m length of the wall
  • replacing the watermain and rebuilding the footpath and road.

We’ll do our best to start the work on time. Factors such as wet weather could mean a delay. If any delay is significant, we’ll notify you.

Traffic flow and detours

  • We’ll need to close this section of Langholm Drive while work is underway.
  • The detour which is unavoidable will be as it was in June 2022 when the issue first appeared.
  • Given its narrow width, please avoid using, or parking on Warner Park Avenue.
  • Residents with driveways in the construction area will be contacted directly in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation whilst we carry out these essential works.

Work location map and detour route

Map showing road closed on Laingholm Drive and detour route

1 December 2022

We’ve been working on completing the design and finalising the technical details of the Laingholm Drive rebuild.

  • The retaining wall will be built using steel I beams, with solid wooden slats between the I beams.
  • The steel for the works is being prepared by the galvanisers and then construction can get underway in mid-January 2023.
  • When the re-build begins on site, it will take about 9 weeks to complete.
  • The work will involve removing the slip material, then building a platform for the work to be carried out from.
  • Holes will be drilled for 27 x 12m-long steel beams, which will be concreted in place. The wall will be 30m in length.

When the wall is complete:

  • we will backfill behind the wall
  • the water main will be replaced
  • the footpath, handrails and road can be rebuilt.

As you can appreciate this is a very large and complex job so closing this section of road is unavoidable while construction is underway.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be contacting those living next to the slip site and readvise alternative routes.

We’ll be providing another update by Monday 19 December 2022.

4 October 2022

We have opened the section of Laingholm Drive to light traffic from Monday 3 October.

Access through this section is one way at a time, please follow the priority give way rules.

Light traffic includes:

  • cars
  • vans
  • utes
  • light trucks
  • ambulances
  • vehicles up to 3 tonnes.

Buses and trucks will not be able to use this route, and we ask that motorists with large vehicles abide by the light vehicle restriction to prevent further damage or road closure for everyone. Weight restriction signage will appear in the next week or so.

This section access will be open until work begins on the permanent repair later in the year.

We thank the community for their patience during these challenging months.

13 September 2022

What work has been done?

Geotechnical Engineers have completed the core drilling and the results were used to make recommendations on how to repair the slip. This work is now in detailed design for the new wall. A contractor is ready to start building once the designs have been peer reviewed and signed off. Materials will be ordered, in advance of the design being completed, however we have been advised there will be significant delays in the delivery of construction materials.

Opening the road to light traffic

Because of these delivery delays, and given that we expect dryer weather ahead, we will be opening this section of Laingholm drive to light traffic, from Monday 3 October. Some temporary works will be completed in the next 2 weeks to achieve this.

Thank you for your patience.

Shows the newly repaired road. On the right is footpath, to either side is bush. The is a speed bump on the road and as it winds around a corner there are orange cones indicating road work.  Signs indicating the speed limit is 20 are placed either side of a road.

28 July 2022

Frequently asked questions:

How long is it going to take to fix?

The estimated time to repair the road is 3 to 4 months. We will be able to provide further updates during the design and construction period.

Can residents only have single lane access?

There is a sewer line running down the middle of the road right next to the slip. Our concern is that if we open the lane to traffic, the weakened area around the sewer line will move and break.

Can AT fill in the berm and drains beside the slip to make a temporary lane?

This is not seen as a practical option because we’ll need to cut onto the bank to move the traffic lane approximately 1.5m to 2m sideways to protect the sewer line under the road. Traffic on the berm will put at risk essential underground infrastructure, crushing it under the weight of cars that it wasn't designed for.

This could cause further disruption to power, gas, internet, and water services.

What about interruptions to other services like rubbish collection, postal, courier services?

Postal, courier, and waste management companies are working to find solutions around the slip in the interim. Any queries about these services should be directed to your service provider.

Why does the school shuttle bus only stop at Janet Place, and not at other stops before Woodlands Road?

School buses can only stop at bus stops which have met safety requirements for passengers to wait for a bus, or to get off a bus. We cannot allow buses to stop in other places, as it could put the passengers or other road users at risk. The winding nature of the road does make it more challenging to find safe bus stops.

There are no current stops between Janet Place and Woodlands Park for the morning journey.

The bus stops on the return journey have been assessed and the school shuttle bus will stop on request at these stops. Safety will remain our priority for school students

How do I get updates on changes to my bus route or notifications about delays?

Check the journey planner or download the AT Mobile App.

You can save your preferred bus stop on AT Mobile. See Real Time tracking and you’ll receive notifications on any changes.

How do I report something wrong or if a bus hasn’t arrived?

Contact us at 09 355 3553 and we will contact AT Metro and Bus operators.

Why did AT use geo tech engineers to establish foundation depth, when 3.6m is commonly used for house foundations?

Early indications are that we will need to go deeper than 3.6m.  Geo tech engineers will use the core samples to find at what depth is the solid foundation material located at, that we need to build on.

18 July 2022

Details for Temporary buses during the disruption

  • From Monday 25 July, a temporary school shuttle service 077 will run from stop 5512 Janet Place, directly to stop 5996 on Woodlands Park Road. This will transfer students onto the diverted 074, 075 and 076 services. The service will not pick up or drop off in between these stops.
  • Currently Bus service 171 remains unchanged, but starts temporarily at bus stop 5510 Dorothy Road and continues its normal route.
  • Stops 5512, 5514 and 5976 are closed.
  • Posters will be up at the closed bus stops, with maps and details of what to do and where to go.
  • We’ll monitor and review the changes during this disruption period.

Please see our Titirangi Bus route Diversions for updates.

11 July 2022

Laingholm Drive is closed for safety

  • A section of Lainghom road (near 109 and 102) is washed out and closed to through traffic.
  • A detour is in place from Huia Road to Victory Road, to access 111 Laingholm Drive and Laingholm Bay.
  • Permanent Road Closed signs and hit sticks are blocking off traffic but walking and cycle access remains. Please do not move signs or attempt to travel through the closed section of road.

 Drilling starts 14 to 21 July check damage

  • The damage is significant so a new retaining wall will be built to hold up the road. This could take 3+ months to complete.
  • The core drilling starts 14 to 21 July to get core samples and confirm the depth and extent of the damage.
  • This will give us repair options and allow us to review if the road stays closed or reopens during the repair work.
  • We’ll be working on this with Watercare away from the site, even though it looks like progress is slow or stalled. Rest assured, we want to this to be finished as quickly as possible.

Temporary buses are planned during the disruption​

  • A temporary school shuttle service is being planned to start in Term 3 from 25 July at Janet Place. It will meet the diverted 074, 075 and 076 service at Woodlands Park roundabout.
  • On Monday 27 June, the 171 bus service will start at bus stop 5510 Dorothy Road and continue on its normal route. Customers who use stops 5512, 5514 and 5976 will need to use stop 5510 temporarily.
  • We’ll monitor and review the changes during this disruption period.

Updates on progress via elected members and Facebook

  • Regular updates will come from the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, Ward Councillors, and through Community Facebook notifications. 

Orange safety barriers block off a road that has been severely damage by a slip. The road surface is cracked and broken and slopes away down the hillside.

Contact us for kōrero

Please feel free to call us on 09 355 3553

Ngā mihi for your patience during this disruption.