Mobility parking location map Mobility parking location map

This map shows you public mobility parking spaces in Auckland.

View Mobility parking location map

Mobility permit holders can also use the concessions available to them where a dedicated mobility space is not available. Find more information on Parking concessions for mobility permit holders can be found on our Mobility parking page

How to use the parking location map

You can use the map to search for addresses or locations, and click into Google Streetview on each space.

AT web maps can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, but may look and work a bit differently depending on which you use.

Pan the map up and down and side-to-side

Click and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the map and drag the map until the location you want is in view.

Hold your finger on the screen and then move your finger to drag the map.

Zoom in and out

Zoom lets you change the height at which you view the map. Zoom in to see more detail such as street names. Zoom out to see a larger area such as suburbs. The controls (+ and - buttons) are located in the bottom right corner of the map.

Click the + to zoom in and - to zoom out. Each click of the + or - buttons will zoom in or out by one level. Keep clicking until you reach the zoom level you want.

Alternatively, if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hover the mouse pointer over the location you'd like to zoom into and move the wheel forward to zoom in or backwards to zoom out. You can also double click on a location to zoom into that point. Keep double clicking until you reach the zoom level you want.

Double tap your finger on the point you'd like to zoom into. Each double tap will zoom the map in by one level. Keep double tapping until until you reach the zoom level you want. Alternatively you can place two fingers on the screen and use a pinching motion (open and close your fingers) to zoom the map in and out.

Search for a location

Search helps you find a location on the map by either entering a street address or suburb. The search field is at the top right corner of the map.

Click in the search box at the top of the map and type in the address or suburb you'd like to find on the map. Press Enter (if using a mobile device the button name may be different eg done or go) or click the magnifying glass to search for the location.

The map will highlight and zoom into the location you searched for. If you're not able to see any pins on the map, zoom the map out until you start to see them.

Reset the map using the home button

The home button looks like a house and will read "default map view" when you hover your mouse over it. Click on the home button to reset the map back to its default view.

View additional information

Each point on the map has additional information available when clicked on. To find our more information about a point on the map, click on the map pin to open the information window.