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All train services welcome passengers accompanied by service dogs or disability assist dogs.

Wheelchair access and mobility scooters on the train

Wheelchairs may be carried at any time. Electric trains are designed with automatic ramps located on the central carriage doors providing a seamless transition between the platform and the train. When boarding, use the middle carriage of each 3 car train or the second and fifth carriage of the 6 car trains.

Platform markings

To assist passengers in wheelchairs, AT Metro rolled out train station platform markings to indicate where to wait on the platform to board the central carriages with automatic ramps. More than 30 train stations currently have platform markings on them in all of Auckland.

Train access dimensions for wheelchairs

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can be carried on the Auckland rail network, subject to the following restrictions:

Wheelchair and mobility scooters restrictions on AT trains
  • Maximum length: 1350mm
  • Maximum width: 650mm


These dimensions and weights are necessary to enable safe negotiation of the loading ramp.

The mobility devices described above are deemed to be for disabled passengers and exclude personal motorised mobility devices, such as Segways, which may not be carried on passenger services.

If you require assistance boarding the train or travelling on the train, please ask either the on-board or platform staff.

Parnell station access

Parnell station is currently unsuitable for wheelchair and mobility customers until further construction is carried out. Please use an alternative nearby station (Newmarket, Waitematā Station (Britomart)).

Find out more about the Parnell station project.

Contact us

If you have a transport accessibility issue, please call the AT Public Transport contact centre on 09 366 6400.

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