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Accessible concession

Concessionary fares are available to passengers who hold one of the following photo ID cards: 

  • Auckland Transport Total Mobility ID card
  • Blind Low Vision NZ ID card

The above cardholder can purchase fares at 40% off adult prices. The concession is available on timetabled AT buses, trains, and ferries (excludes Waiheke and Rakino ferries).

The ID card must be shown when the ticket is issued and when boarding the bus, train or ferry.

Other concessions available

Some customers may choose to hold more than one HOP card, depending on the type of concession they wish to use to travel. Explore which of our other offers may benefit you or someone you know:

Total Mobility scheme

This national scheme supports people who are unable to use public transport to travel, either all or some of the time.

Senior & SuperGold concession

Senior citizens who have an AT HOP card loaded with a SuperGold concession can travel for free on trains and selected bus and ferry services during off-peak times. The concession is available on weekdays after 9am and all day on weekends and public holidays. 

Plus One Bus Companion

Total Mobility cardholders may bring a support person for free when they travel on any AT Metro bus service. AT intends to extend this fare to train and ferry services.

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