Strike action scheduled for next week involving drivers for NZ Bus has been withdrawn by First Union and Tramways Union.

However, drivers will meet on Tuesday (24 April) to ratify the settlement to the dispute. This meeting means NZ Bus services will be cancelled after morning peak. Services on Tuesday will be disrupted between 9:30am and 2:30pm, some services immediately before or after this could also be affected.

Bus services run by other operators are not affected and train and ferry services will run as usual on Tuesday.

Auckland Transport would like to thank our customers for their patience.

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What you need to know about the SuperGold concession What you need to know about the SuperGold concession

The SuperGold public transport concession applies to travel after 9am weekdays, and all day weekends and public holidays. If you travel before 9am on weekdays adult fares will apply.

In 2015, the Government announced a change to the SuperGold Card with respect to the public transport concession. Auckland Transport is required to comply with this change, which was implemented on 1 July 2016. You are now no longer able to use your SuperGold card to travel on public transport in Auckland. Instead, you can use a registered AT HOP card loaded with your SuperGold public transport concession.

SuperGold concession applies to travel on:

  • All scheduled trains in the Auckland network. Not valid on inter-regional rail services.
  • Scheduled public transport bus services in the Auckland network EXCEPT SkyBus, and inter-regional coach, tour or charter services.
  • Scheduled public transport ferry services between Downtown and Pine Harbour, West Harbour, Gulf Harbour, Half Moon Bay, Devonport, Stanley Bay, Birkenhead/Northcote Point, Hobsonville, Beach Haven (including Beach Haven to Hobsonville), Bayswater, Matiatia Wharf Waiheke and services between Kennedy Point Waiheke and Half Moon Bay, Wynyard Quarter.

How to get a SuperGold public transport concession

SuperGold cardholder with no AT HOP card

SuperGold cardholders will need to purchase a gold AT HOP card and then apply and load a SuperGold public transport concession onto your gold AT HOP card in order to receive the concession.

Steps to get your SuperGold concession

SuperGold cardholder with a blue AT HOP card 

SuperGold cardholders that have a blue AT HOP card, but have not loaded a SuperGold public transport concession can exchange their blue AT HOP card for a free gold AT HOP card loaded with a SuperGold concession by visiting an AT customer service centre. You will need to register your blue AT HOP card before visiting an AT Customer Service Centre and bring your SuperGold card along with another form of photo ID.

SuperGold cardholders that have already loaded a SuperGold public transport concession on a blue AT HOP card can continue to use your cards as you do today and are not required to do anything now. We will be in contact with you regarding an opportunity to swap out your blue AT HOP card for a gold AT HOP card free of charge in the future.

Over 65 years of age and not a SuperGold cardholder

If you have an Auckland Transport Senior Citizen ID card, find out how to get a SuperGold concession for travel.

Using a SuperGold concession

  • The SuperGold public transport concession applies to travel commencing after 9am weekdays and all day on weekends and on public holidays.
  • Travel commencing before 9am on weekdays will be charged at adult fares to your HOP money balance on your AT HOP card.  The AT HOP card provides at least 25% discount off single trip bus and train cash fares and at least 20% discount off single trip cash ferry fares (excludes SkyBus and Waiheke ferry services).
  • You will need to tag on and tag off with your AT HOP card. If you tag-on before 9am on weekdays with your AT HOP card loaded with your SuperGold public transport concession (for example 8.49am) then this is your travel start time and you will be charged adult fares.
  • Your AT HOP SuperGold public transport concession will expire when your SuperGold card expires, or after three years, whichever is first.

Carry your SuperGold card or Senior Citizen ID card and your AT HOP card when travelling

Travel with your SuperGold card or AT Senior Citizen ID card. You'll need to present your ID card on request to prove your eligibility for the SuperGold public transport concession. This is to ensure the concession is being used by individuals entitled for the benefit. 

Getting a SuperGold concession on a cash fare

You cannot get a SuperGold concession on a cash fare. You have to pay the full adult fare. This includes travel before 9am weekdays and on excluded services. 

Getting your public transport concession outside of Auckland

As a SuperGold cardholder, your public transport concession for the majority of the rest of New Zealand is from 9am – 3pm and after 6.30 pm on weekdays, all day weekends and public holidays. However you cannot use your AT HOP card outside of Auckland. You will need to retain your existing SuperGold card to ensure you can access all other SuperGold benefits, including free off-peak public transport travel in other regions. Please note, in Auckland the period from 3pm to 6.30pm is covered by a separate scheme funded by Auckland Council and this scheme is currently under review.

Lost or stolen AT HOP card

If your registered AT HOP card is lost or stolen, go online to cancel it or phone the AT HOP Customer Contact Centre immediately on (09) 366 4467. We can cancel your card so that it cannot be used, and your account balance will be protected within 24 hours of it being reported to us. You can then buy a replacement card.