Auckland Transport Capital Investment Programme FY23/24 Auckland Transport Capital Investment Programme FY23/24

Our annual capital investment plan, set in June each year, outlines how we will maintain our current roads, ferry terminals, bus stops and train stations and what we will invest in to improve our grow Tamaki Makaurau’s transport network. Like you, we must plan our spending within the budget available to us.

This year’s capital investment plan, representing a total of $1.058 billion, consolidates our investment and focus to respond to the transport priorities Aucklanders told us are the most important.

  • 95% of Aucklanders want faster, easier to use and more frequent public transport that goes to more places. We’re spending $384 million (41% of our budget) on improving Auckland’s public transport network. This includes the Eastern Busway, additional electric trains, decarbonising and updating the ferry fleet and implementing open loop contactless payment across buses, trains and ferries.
  • We know many Aucklanders need to move around by car so we’re continuing to invest in maintaining our growing road network
  • We’re spending approximately $125 to $150 million on rebuilding roads damaged by the Auckland Anniversary Weekend floods and Cyclone Gabrielle to get people moving around again.

This year’s planned capital investment is 10.8% lower than the $1.186 billion originally outlined in the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP). This is due to our refocus, the budget pressures we and our funding partners are facing, the additional $125-$150 million required for flood recovery, and our budget not going as far due to growing costs. This means we must pause some capital projects that we had previously planned for this financial year. We will evaluate funding and capital expenditure through the year, and if additional funds become available we will review timings of these projects in partnership with mana whenua, Auckland Councillors, Local Boards and our stakeholders.

We believe that by re-focusing on what Aucklanders have told us is important, those living in Tamaki Makaurau will see more of the improvements you most want.

Frequently asked questions

How much is AT spending on its capital budget in 2023/2024

At is investing $1.058 billion in Auckland’s transport network during the 2023/24 financial year (July 1 to June 30). This is the highest ever annual spend on building and maintaining Auckland’s transport infrastructure and is 10.8% lower than what was originally planned for in the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP).

How have you chosen what to invest in? 

We decide what to invest in based on what Aucklanders tell us. We hear your views through market research, consultation feedback and via your local Counsellors and Local Boards. Aucklanders told us you want us to get the basics right.  

Who signs off your capital investment programme?

The AT Board reviews and signs off AT’s capital investment programme in June each year. You can see this information in the Board report.

Why have you deferred some projects? 

Our current funding model means that while we plan over a three-to-10-year period, our funding is set annually. This means that every year we must reprioritise projects to make sure what we are spending fits within the budget available to us and to make sure we’re delivering what Aucklanders want most. 

As a result, we have focused on some projects, invested in some that we didn’t plan for such as $125-$150 million investment in flood recovery and paused work on other planned capital projects. We know having a project planned for your area deferred is disappointing, however, we believe this budget responds to the big priorities Aucklanders have shared with us.

We will evaluate funding and capital expenditure through the year, and should additional funds become available we will review timing for paused projects.