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Regional Land Transport Plan Regional Land Transport Plan

The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) is a 10-year investment programme for transport in Auckland, developed by Auckland Transport (AT) together with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and KiwiRail to respond to growth and challenges facing Auckland over the next decade.


The 10-year programme in the RLTP provides for significant improvements to be made in public transport, including rapid transit, walking and cycling, network initiatives to help to address congestion, and support for greenfield and urban redevelopment. It also provides for a major focus on improving safety on Auckland’s road network.

The programme will enable the delivery of a safe, reliable and accessible transport system that supports and shapes Auckland’s development. It will encourage a move away from single-occupant vehicles as the dominant mode of travel, enabling public transport, walking and cycling to play a significant role in the transport system.

It will lead Auckland towards being a city where there is growth without increased congestion, where it is easy to access employment and services, where it is safe to drive, walk and cycle, where there are genuine travel choices, and where the negative impacts of the transport system on people and the environment are minimised.


Public consultation on the draft RLTP ran from Tuesday 1 May 2018 to Monday 14 May 2018. The consultation process was aligned with Auckland Council’s consultation on the proposed Regional Fuel Tax (RFT). Auckland Council also undertook initial consultation on a proposed new Development Contributions policy.

We received 18,091 submissions in total, including 17,930 from individuals and 161 from organisations or companies. Over 60 people attended public drop-in events held across the city. 4 organisations took the opportunity to present their views at the regional stakeholder event on Friday 11 May 2018.

Six iwi elected to present to a formal hui on Tuesday 15 May 2018, led by the Governing Body with members of the Regional Transport Committee (RTC) in attendance. The Auckland Council Mana Whenua Kaitiaki Forum (a leadership-governance forum) as a whole also provided a submission, though elected not to present. In total, 13 of the 19 members of the Kaitiaki Forum submitted, as well as the Forum itself.

All 21 Local Boards adopted resolutions giving feedback on the draft RLTP, with most boards also appending detailed feedback. Twenty Local Boards presented feedback on the draft RLTP in person to representatives of the RTC on Monday 7 May 2018.

For more information on the feedback received, please see page 7 of the RLTP.

Regional Fuel Tax

The Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) will help fund transport investment in Auckland, and was consulted on in May, alongside the draft RLTP.

Find out more information on the RFT and the projects that it will help fund

Auckland Council's Long-Term Plan

On 28 June Auckland Council agreed on its 10-year budget (also known as the Long-Term Plan or LTP), beginning a decade of transformational infrastructure investment that will improve Auckland’s transport network, support the provision of housing and enhance our environment.

The RLTP can be seen as a companion document to Auckland Council’s LTP.

For more information, please visit:

About the Regional Land Transport Plan

Last updated: 1 October 2015, see all updates.

The RLTP forms part of the National Land Transport Programme and represents the combined intentions of AT, the NZ Transport Agency, and KiwiRail.

It sets out a programme of transport improvements for Auckland that will make real progress towards reducing congestion, improving freight reliability, and increasing the attractiveness of public transport.

It is a statutory requirement that the NZ Transport Agency and AT revise the RLTP every 3 years.

The RLTP transport programme is funded from the following sources:

  • The NZ Transport Agency funds State Highway improvements.
  • KiwiRail funds improvements to the rail lines.
  • Funding from Auckland Council.
  • The NZ Transport Agency investment (through the National Land Transport Fund) in local road, public transport and other transport activities delivered by AT. The NZ Transport Agency can only contribute towards activities that include a local contribution from Auckland Council.
  • AT revenue including public transport fares, advertising, income from land held for future transport needs, parking charges and enforcement.


Regional land Transport Plan 2015 - 2018 Supporting documents


1 October 2015

Accessible versions of the Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 - 2018 available.

29 July 2015

Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 - 2018 available.

2 July 2015

Auckland’s Regional Transport Committee (which comprises representatives from AT and the NZ Transport Agency) adopted the latest version of the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) on 2 July 2015.

Public feedback

The public engagement on the RLTP was combined with Auckland Council’s 10-year budget. Public feedback was sought from 23 January - 16 March 2015. There was a high response rate with:

  • over 27,000 written submissions received,
  • 1,354 submissions received through social media,
  • over 1,400 Aucklanders attending 37 Have Your Say events to share their views in person.

Download the RLTP and 10-year budget consultation report (PDF 764KB) 

The feedback was carefully analysed and the key transport themes identified were that submitters want:

  • more convenient, reliable and quicker public transport services,
  • safer walking and cycling facilities,
  • more funding for public transport, walking and cycling,
  • more investment in transport in Auckland, but there were mixed views on how to raise the additional funds required.

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