Road & footpath maintenance Road & footpath maintenance

Auckland Transport carries out work to maintain and improve our roads and footpaths.

Report road and footpath maintenance issues

Let us know if you’ve seen a road or footpath that needs maintenance, for example, potholes in the road or uneven footpaths.

Specifically, please tell us:

  • the location of the problem
  • details of what the problem is.

Contact us

If there is an immediate risk to the safety of people or property, call us on 09 355 3553.

Report a problem

Road maintenance

Infographic showing who looks after what on your street: Auckland Transport maintains footpaths, public roads, kerbs and channels, and drain covers. Streetlight maintenance is shared by Auckland Transport, Vector and Counties Energy.
Who looks after what on your street
Infographic showing who looks after what regarding road drainage: Auckland Transport maintains road drainage in town centres, and kerbs and drains above the grate. Healthy Waters maintains pipes and other assets below the grate.
Who looks after road drainage assets

What we look after

Auckland Transport maintains all assets located in the public road reserve (the area from property line to property line). This includes footpaths, public roads, kerbs and channels, and drain covers. Streetlight maintenance is shared by Auckland Transport, Vector, and Counties Energy. Healthy Waters maintains pipes and other assets below ground.

Please be aware that berm mowing is the shared responsibility of Auckland Council and the property owner behind the berm.

Resealing roads

To repair defects in the existing road surface and reduce further deterioration, Auckland Transport does road resealing every summer. Our planned maintenance programme includes two main treatments: bitumen resealing (chip seals) and asphalt resurfacing (hot mix). 

What we dont look after

  • State highways and motorways – To report an issue, please contact Waka Kotahi.
  • Private roads – Private roads are the responsibility of the property owner or body corporate. 
  • Roads outside Auckland – For road repairs, please contact the area’s local council.
  • Private vegetation – Property owners should maintain any private vegetation blocking a footpath. Auckland Transport can remove the vegetation, but if we do, we’ll send the property owner the bill.

Public vegetation

Auckland Transport and Auckland Council share the responsibility of maintaining public vegetation and trees. Auckland Transport looks after vegetation in rural areas, while Auckland Council looks after urban vegetation.

To report an issue with vegetation in an urban area, please contact Auckland Council.

Footpath maintenance

To create a safe walking environment for pedestrians, we maintain public footpaths, which are part of the road reserve. This includes the fixing of:

  • cracks
  • potholes
  • uneven surfaces
  • deterioration.

Street cleaning

Auckland Council is responsible for cleaning streets and footpaths in town centres. Auckland Transport cleans the streets and footpaths outside of town centres. We do this work to keep the city looking clean and tidy. Litter bins are emptied daily.

Street cleaning mainly takes place during the early hours of the morning and involves mechanically and manually sweeping the footpaths and streets, as well as collecting litter. A designated person with a handcart may also carry out spot-cleaning during the day.

Cleaning schedules vary throughout the region and are planned with an area’s use in mind. For example, high-use areas such as the city centre are cleaned continuously throughout the day. Suburban shopping areas are cleaned nightly. Main arterial routes are swept weekly, and residential streets are swept approximately every 12 weeks. 

Please contact Auckland Council if you have further queries related to street and footpath cleaning.